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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Facts

I was tagged by many people so here I am, write 25 random facts about me.

1. My full name is Nadia Shifa Hardani, my friends called me Nadia but my family called me Beby. Sounds weird, but FYI I love it.
2. I am student of SMAN 68 Jakarta and currently a member of X4.
3. I love all colours but I have issue with pink, HOT PINK.
4. I hate powder milk(?) EW
5. I'm paranoid of losing my cellphone.
6. I use sooooo many pillows while sleeping
7. I'm selfish,spoiled,and nothing without my family
8. I hate insects,for sure.
9. I love to sing eventhough my voice isn't that good
10. My phobia are darkness & fire.
11. I always turn my lamp on while sleeping
12. I hate arrogant people
13. Sometimes I lost my patient with people who can't speak clearly& think logically(he he he)
14. I love reading&writing
15. I want to be able to speak English well
16. I'm a good savers & spenders (geez)
17. I believe in KARMA
18. I love Jason Mraz!!!
19. I love KOMPAS
20. I love gooogleeeee&wikiped
21. Blair Waldorf is AWESOME. Her character,personality,fashion taste,all.
22. I hate GlamGirl the Series (jujur nih ehehe)
23. I adore J.K Rowling, Dyan Sheldon, Meg Cabot and Judy Blume.
24. I would love to have dinner with Michael Cera(because his face is toooo cute)
25. I love smart guy,especially they who wear glasses and can play guitar....(sounds familiar,Nad...hehe)

p.s : once agaiiiin i'm sorry if my English is bad :(

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