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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sixteen Sixteen

wow, I've lived in this world for 16 years!

it means, my credit age til the limit(read:death) getting closer.

Bah, I must make my life worthy enough, for me, for you, for all people, for Islam, for Indonesia.

1. Pray 5 times each day! No excuse.
2. Get fit( I've told mom that I want to be a member of gym next to my house, but idk,we'll know about it soon)
3. Learn to drive car & motorcycle well (i can drive car, but if you let me drive your car to street, just be ready that your car won't look the same after that)
4. Practice my English harder&harder( esp. grammar!!) on conversation & written.
5. Passed AFS test!
6. Get into ... class
7. Maximize my photography's skill. More work,more creation,better.
8. Be more economical.
9. Maximize my skills.
10. Graduated from LIA.
11. Be more organized.
12. Throw my laziness away.
13. Be more confident and brave.
14. Make my mom& dad proud of me.
15. Get good score for all subjects.
16. Learn guitar more often.

-- sorry for the superbad grammar


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Adani Nurimanina said...

Wishing you luck to accomplish the list :)

Re : Thanks baby, I'll link you back