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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


oh God,i'm playing on www.tkatki.net rite now and its totally sucks! Yes, this game is fun when you can find the answer, but if you just like me-- it's a hell yo but i don't wanna give up! I'm on level 14 rite now...and to reach this level i need so many tutorial from my friends ahahaha,they're already on 50-something or 60-something level. so guys, just wish me luck okey?

update :
Last Friday, all of tenth-grade students and the social class-sophomore, I mean were performing their class project. LUCKILY we got the lucky number one, so we worked so hard to performed all the best. I was part of the vocalists-- and I'm the one who wore red-bodo...okey,THE BIGGEST ONE.

THIS IS X-4 and ..


and....Alhamdulillah,Thanks God....we are the best performer of all !!!!! We really really happy and excited :D Thanks for all ppl around us,without you guys, this happines won't happen :)

AH YA !Last Update...
Just a few second ago I made up MY NEW NOTEBOOK
, and I love it sososososommmuach. Take a look, eh?

all you need to make an DIY custom notebook are :
1. Laptop& Printer ( it'll be better if you use glossy paper but I'm using A4 Paper)
2.Crayons ( I suggest this kind of crayon for you; it's wax but the colours still good and comfortable in our hand)
3. Scissors
4.Glue ( I prefer gluestick-- usually I use UHU but for this project I use Bantex because it is the cheapest glue stick I can find)
5. Plain binder-notebook ( btw thanks Hazu for the brilliant ideas!)

All you have to do are browsing pictures that you want to be the cover of your new plain binder-notebook, and then print it and put it as cover or back cover of your plain binder-notebook, and VOILA! Congrats,you have an uber cool new binder-notebook!

-- I'm using a mozaic picture for the cover, and Nylon magz cover for the backside
-- next plan : I will make a cover-collection, so I can change it everytime I want :)

Why don't you try this at your home? It's fun!

p.s : Tomorrow our beloved country Indonesia will celebrate the democracy by hold a General Election, so don't miss it! Check your ID card and go to the nearest TPS !

p.s.s : I'm sorry if my English is bad, all I beg f from you is just your forgiveness :)


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