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Thursday, May 28, 2009

long time no see


my last post was published on 17 May, which is about 10 days ago. Miss this blog a lot ! :D

btw, I'm really surprised when I see the Free Web Counter shows 4 digits of number with '1' as the first number !!! It means......more than 1,000 pairs of eyes had seen my blog!(-.- norak ya hehehe) It feels great to know that someone somewhere clicks nadiashifa.blogspot.com and take a look on my blog. Thankies bloggie-oggie! *wink

Yep, my daily life doesn't change a lot. Still the same things; school,exam(s),homework(sss). And you-know-what, I just realized that tomorrow will be last day for study at X4. Huhuhuhuhu I WILL miss you guys :')

My agendas for next-month :
1. Do the best on Final Exam
2. Get the best score(s)
3. I hope I won't need to upgrade my F.E's score ( baca : REMEDIAL)
4. 16 June, performance with X3 for year 2008/2009 Graduation
5. 20 June, run over 10 km Monas-Semanggi-Monas for welcoming Jakarta's Birthday
6. 20 June, family gathering at Villa Duta
7. 'SCARF' 21 Cup Photography Competition
8. BARON exhibition
9.Get to second grade
10. -

Uh actually I don't get any nice pics for the last two weeks so I don't have any pics to upload on this blog. Huhuhu :'( tapi SEMANGAT!!

p.s : tomorrow me,Zihan, and Sinta will go to 21 to sign up for their Photography competition! Wish us luck yaaaaa

p.s.s : and on Sat I'll go swim first on Tirta Mas then go to Disyu's with all Baroners hihi

p.s.s.s : I will go to G.I and buy Twilight Box ( Gramedia G.I diskon 30%!! Asyiknyaaa) on ......

Au revoir !


-- signing out--

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