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Sunday, May 10, 2009

magazines for life !

h.e.ll.o !!!!

well, I've finished with my 'snacks' so atm I don't know what to do, and then my fingers click 'blogger' and yep...back to back, people. blogging is (one of)the best mood-booster for me. So here I am, try to pour my mind into a cup of words a.k.a blog.

why I choose 'magazines for life' for the title? The answer is because I'm just opened this site, a very-very useful site, -click here- (I guess the writer is one of LOOKS crew, is it right?) and it's inspiring me to write about magazines too, since I'm really in to it.

Yes, I'm starting read magz since I was an elementary kid. My first magz is BOBO,all kids favorite of course. My friends and I love to talk about it every Friday because Bobo was published at Thursday if I'm not mistaken. This magz became my favorite til I was on 5th grade. That time AFI was so booming, and GAUL tabloid was one of the most-wanted magz at the moment. I subscribed GAUL til I was on 7th grade, I moved away to Kawanku magz. Why? Because AFI wasn't booming anymore, hehe. Oh ya, I never like GADIS, although all my girlfriends love it so much. Then GoGirl! magz came in to my life and I fell in love because this magz served so manymany articles about Hollywood's life(the topics that always be my interest). I subscribe GoGirl! til now, but then........

I think, GoGirl! isn't as good as before anymore.
Feels like lose something. I don't enjoy reading GoGirl! anymore, it's so bored, the gossips about Hollywood become less and less, the fashion stuffs become more expensive than before, that we, the average
-person, can't afford. I disappointed about it, and FYI I don't waiting for GoGirl! anymore, because GoGirl! last 3 edition has disappointed me a lot.

so sorry, GoGirl!, but I hope my thought can improve your quality :)))

but then, I found a new 'baby'. Magz that can replace GoGirl! when it disappointed me.

Have you ever read LOOKS mag?

Hmm, i love this magz because
1) The Hollywood's life, full from first-last page! Whoaaa! Fit with the subtitle; Celebrity & Style.
2) It's one of the cheapest and the best mag I've ever buy!
3) The stuffs still cute, with affordable price that won't make me throw my lunch up he he.

But there are 'homeworks' to do for LOOKS :
1. The distribution. Hellooooo I can't find it at Bekasi, yes I know it isn't a big city but, aaaaargh! I'm not in Borneo too,huh?
2. Had better for LOOKS to search models for the fashion spread, because without models I feel like seeing Polyvore on mag. Sometimes it drives me bored.


by the way, yesterday was my AFS test-day. Huff Alhamdulillah I can do it without any serious problems hi hi, but anyone knows, EB is for what region's car plat? I answered Sumbawa and I hope it is the right answer * fingercrossed

and yes, I attached a C-Box beside, so we can do some chit-chat :)

p.s : so sorry for the superbad grammar !


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Anonymous said...

thanx for reviewing LOOKS magazine girl..cute blog by the way :)