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Monday, June 8, 2009

Lesson I Learned

hell to the o, hello!

Today is greaaaaaat! Just knew that for the next two weeks,we,the students, are definitely FREE! Yesssss man, I said FREE. You can come and go anytime, and the effective days for this semester had finished! Woohoo. Just like today, I came without any schoolthingy in my bag, except you think camera,Twilight the novel and wallet are related to school. LOL. Then I just got to my class and had a chit-chat with my classmates, we talked about the picnic plans. After that we're having music class-- I've told you before that we will do some performance on Tuesday June 16th for our senior's graduation -- It was fun, but a little bit chaos because both the gamelans and the angklung didn't match with the tempo. Haura was getting upset, we're sorry dear :) But in the end we did it well! And theeen you-know-what our lovely walikelas (oops) celebrated her 53th birthday today! With our class-money, Gori and Aceng went by motorcycle to Holland Bakery and bought a cute cake with the 5 and 3 candles. I don't know where did they buy it, they bought a bouquet of red roses ! How romantic. Ahaha. After did the surprise-thing, me,Pika(but I love to called her 'Pixy'), Nicky, Amira a.k.a Mba Kem, Ranti, Anya, Dina, and Asyifa went to Metropole XXI and it was rainhard outside...so you can guess...we're all wet !! And then we decided to watch ' Drag Me to Hell'. You ask me how the movie was? I'LL TELL YOU!

Drag Me to Hell, starring Alison -something- and Justin Long (Drew Barrymore's ex)

First it tells about a boy who was dragged to Hell because he stole a silver necklace from a Gipsy's cabin. He cursed, the curse's name was Lamia. Then the movie jumped into the life of Christine Brown, middle-age woman, a good looking one, she's working in a Bank and she's being promoted into AM. She had a nice boyfriend. In short, her life was perfect.

Then Mrs Sylvia Ganush, an old woman, came to her office and asked the bank to give her more opportunity to pay her bills. Christina didn't do the best, she knew that she can get those credits for Sylvia, but in fact, she didn't do it. From her first appearance, Sylvia always related to a ruffles handkerchief, fake teeth and her eyes were sick. Then Sylvia begged to Christine, beg for her home, but Chris got afraid and called security. Sylvia was very angry, she felt ashamed. The horror started from now.

The rest of the story, you should watch it. (un) recommended for they with heart problems.

Lesson I Learned from this movie :

1. When people asked help to you, do the best for it. You should do the best or just simply refuse to help.
2. Do not judge a book by its cover. When Sylvia begged to Christine, I can see Christine's expression, she felt disgust and afraid because of Sylvia's bad face. Okay, Sylvia got bad face, scary one, but it doesn't mean that we have right to treat her bad. I know how it feels to be treated badly because of your appearance, and it's not fun.
3. I hate what Christine said when Sylvia's spirit came to her. She blamed all the fault to her boss. It's really unacceptable. If you've done something wrong, the person who have the major right to make it right is YOU. Be responsible.

-- Yeah, that were the lessons I learned from this movie. Nothing to tell, and I'll see ya on next post!

kisses and hugs,
Nadia mmmmmmmwach

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