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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Indonesia Unite Against Terrorism

well, we got bomb. Again.

The bombs exploded yesterday, at 7.47 am and destroyed The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. 8 people dead. More than fifty got serious pain. Not just them, but us. Indonesia is in pain. We are in pain.

Hell, why they just can't stop? Stop doing stupid things like this! From the latest news I h
eard that police has confirmed that IT WAS SUICIDAL BOMBERS ATTACK. HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who said that do a suicidal bomb attack bring you straight to Heaven? Who said that shit??? And who the fucking people that think IT WAS RIGHT? Think logically. Killed and wounded a lot of innocent people is a NOBLE JOB? Okay, tho' they're not that innocent, WE DON'T HAVE RIGHT TO JUDGE THEIR LIVES. It's God.

This accident ruined everything. Ruined the victim's life, and ruined our coun
try reputation. The league between Indonesia All Stars vs Manchester United had been canceled because of this accident. Since I'm not a soccer freak, I don't really sad about this, but YES, I sad, because the fucking stupid terroris successfully ruined our reputation.

Well, then some friends of mine said through this tweet to put #indonesiaunite as hashtag to show our respects about this accident. Then it expanded so fast, it was like, everyone put it on their tweets, til #indonesiaunite sat on first place as Trending Topics ! What a history! Yes, why I said that? Because Twitter is universal, so it me
ans that all people from all around the world heard our shout, read our words!!! They heard our shout that WE ARE NOT AFRAID. WE ARE NOT DEAD. WE HAVE THE SPIRIT IN OUR BLOOD, RUNNING THROUGH OUR VEINS! We also add an Indonesian flag on our avatar to show them that WE ARE PROUD TO BE INDONESIANS!!!! And this morning, Metro TV announcer told about Komunitas Twitter Indonesia that put #indonesiaunite on the top of Trending Topics ! Later, it was confirmed that CNN's announcer read one of our tweets about #indonesiaunite !! ON AIR !! Yes, we made it!

Should I be proud, then? In my point of view, NO. Why? Because it is our task. We're on duty. We have to do this.

So, Indonesia, please don't cry. We have to be tough. Show them up our brave face. Let them know that WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Indonesia has ZILLION kids who ready to s
acrifice themselves for the country. WE ARE NOT AFRAID. You need more than bomb to tear us apart! But everything you've done and will do, I will tell you first, YOU WILL FAILED. YOU WILL. Nothing can beat us. Nothing can tear us apart. We hold on for Indonesia, together, and ever.

Don't mess with us. We mean it. Because WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

* come join Indonesia Unite Fight Against Terrorism by click this site and also add a red-white fl
ag on your avatar and show them WE ARE NOT AFRAID

N #indonesiaunite

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