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Monday, November 16, 2009

Inauguration Night

Hello ladies!

yesterday was a blast! My art group (called MBrass, it's a group consists of 3 different divisions, Cheerleaders, Baron Photography Club and Marching Band) year 23 just did the inauguration night for year 24! Tho’ it was so tiring, and I even fell asleep in the school’s yard while the year-24s’s searching for the clue at MBrass room on 4th floor :p But I love the feeling when I woke up and seeing the whole blue sky as the first thing in the morning :) Then me and Sanie went outside, we’re having coffee for breakfast. And then we did the inauguration on the 5th floor, it was SO HOT and I’m blacken than before :( it burned us! But everything just happened well without any serious problem, Thank God it’s over with a smile on our faces (both the commitee and the newly-members of MBrass) :D

and that’s the reasons why I skipped school today :) My legs hurt as hellllllll :((( but I have a good time alone at home, having me time with good books, soul songs and some light snacks. Today's great :) and how’s your day anyway? Hope everything’s well okay…

Cheers for today :D


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