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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey :)

heeeyyy it's been a looong time since I last updated this blog, so sorry people too much things to do, so little time :) Pity us only got 24 hours a day.

Well, Bazkom Food Festival is over. But so just you know the Closing was SOOOOO FUCKIN GREAT! Tho we need to wait til midnite to see RAN, it was worth it with their awesome performance! And don't forget about The S.I.G.I.T, Superglad, Tony Q and the one-and-only 68 All Stars awesome performances!! I miss BFF already :( I miss the food court area, the jumbo-sized hot dog, the creamy yummy takoyaki and the famous green tea latte :9 sounds yummy,eh? Yes, they are :)

Dare to see the crowd?

I'm so proud of Bazkom Food Festival ! Congratulations, my dear seniors, Class of 2010 ! Wish us, Class of 2011, can do a lot better than you :) tho it's HARD, referred to the fact that BFF is one of the best BAZKOM event among others.

And yep, haven't I told you that I'm officially part of OSIS/MPK 68 now? Yep, it's Pramanandhana Nityasewaka Adipurusa year already :) But I can't tell ya about my position because the structure hasn't fixed yet. Just wish us luck, okay?

About my daily life, nothing has changed. I'm on a program right now, and somehow the treatments are so fucking hurts :( You have to go through a hurtful time to be beautiful, right?
And about my class, Social 2, so far so goood. We share a lot of laugh together, especially when it comes about Geography, our "favorite" subjects haha. We decided to named our class as HELSTIRE. Hello Social Two is Here. I know it's lame, so go laugh your ass off haha but I love this class :)

And currently me and my X4 friends are so obsessed to go travel out of the city! The boys are planning to backpacking to Bali on New Year Holiday, I want to goooooo but I'm not sure about Bali. If it's only Anyer or Tanjung Lesung I will definitely join them! There's my wishes : Spend the NYE with them, in the beach, no parents, no rules. I'm dying for that moment.

And my mid-term report card was so goood except math and some trashy scores on economy (only sight's social kids now what I mean by "trashy" scores) I even got 100 for Accounting Subject! Yoohoo! Keep the good work, Nad hihi :)))

So that's all for now, have a pleasant week, everyone!


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