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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"...I'm going home,
back to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me..."
Daughtry - Home

Yup guys, I'm home.

Well, the end of my exchange year is kinda different from other kids but it's fine, I got over it. You just can't predict the future, right? ;)

Being back home at first was............weird.
So when I first stepped in Soekarno-Hatta, I sighed and told myself
"Welcome home, Nad. It's time to wake up."

Everything seemed unfamiliar. The crowd. The language. The heat. The smells. Just everything. I was like out of space. I felt like I never knew this place before, yet I knew that isn't true.

I got out the exit door and boom. I saw my friends, a bunch of them, waiting for me with a big smile on their face. They were like "oh my god you're really back!" "nadiaaa!" and I was just stoned, standing there, couldn't even say a thing.

Overwhelmed. That would describe what I felt perfectly. Maybe that's why my first word in Indonesia was "F*ck" (pardon me for that :p)

I met my parents and my brother. I went back home. Everything just weird. I couldn't really speak Indonesian properly (please underline and bold this; PROPERLY. I can talk Indonesian of course, but it was pretty weird for the first few weeks)

Don't get me wrong. Of course I'm excited to be back and meet my friends. Going back to the city I loved after being a country girl for 10 months. I'm excited for the food (American food is infamous with their blend flavour) Indonesian food are so rich in taste! I'm excited to sleep on my own bed, using my own bathroom, and everything.

But it's unavoidable that after living for 10 months in America with completely different life style, I need to readjust back to the life in here. I was so used to my host family lifestyle, which was so different from my own family and that was pretty hard for me to readjust back. It wasn't fun, but I knew it's normal. Every exchange student like me went through the same phase and they survived, why couldn't I. Besides, it's your home. It's my home. Who knows it best besides me? ;)

It's been 3 months since I came back home. I'm now a different person. I'm not the same girl leaving Indonesia last year anymore. I learn a lot. I'm more grateful for everything. I notice little things. I grow up. I'm back in my daily routine, in my original way of living, but with a more opened perspective and fresher mind. Ready to heat up myself more for the world, ready to do more for life, ready to be an agent of change.

Well, it's true that nothing feels quite like home :)

(this is me for returnees talent show at AFS/YES INAYPScNH 011/012 Farewell Party)



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