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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Pieces of My Adventure

So.....just realized that I didn't post anything about what I've done in my last couple months in America. Just thought I'll post some here ;)

Purim Festival. Whipped cream + Twizzlers = WINNING, DUH.

My last play :( Arabian Nights with Heather and Jayde. Love n miss this class xo

Me at Harvard University, Boston. International Club Trip!
Spring Choir Concert :D Holden, Amelia, Alexis, me

Hannah and me. Theater Arts field trip to NYC; watching Broadway show! Yippie

NYC (Again!) PAX Cluster field trip

Mayfest 2011. It was an absolute blast

Senior Prom :D was awesome #nuffsaid
last day, last picture with my best girl Alexis <3

it's a wrap! the end of my amazing year.


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