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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


On my first day in Vermont, I remember we drove home then we went out again for a walk. Silly me, I thought they were asking me to go for a walk to sightsee the town (that's why I said yes). Yeah, going for a walk means you literally going walking in a place...in this story, a woods near Park-McCullough house. Mom, Zoe, Kati, and I went for a walk with Ivy.

While walking, Zoe kept asking me couple question...well, it's our first day meeting each other! I was concentrating on keeping up my pace with theirs (Did I ever say about how American walk? FAST) but Zoe caught my attention with one question.

"What club do you want to join?"

And almost reflex, I answered "Drama club."

I've never participated in any kind of play slash performance slash anything on stage except singing.......in a choir. But being in a play, actually doing something on stage and have actual people come to see the play is different. I have no idea how it works; how play are selected, how set is built, how the roles are casted, how the lighting works, the sounds, the props, the costume, I know nothing about them before I decide to join in Drama club. I honestly cannot recall when and where did I get that interest, curiosity and passion about drama and being on stage because nothing I've experienced in my life prior to it has anything influential or somehow significant or even important to that much of passion toward theater arts inside me.

And that thing-I-cannot-recall also led me to the decision to take Theater Arts class for both semester; practically a whole academic year. I had no doubt at all; I did not worry about anything. I didn't think about the how-ifs; I was convinced, I was sure that this class is the right class for me, that I belong to the class. My host mom and my counselor were telling me I could change it after sometimes if it didn't work, but I was a hundred percent sure I won't and this is what I want. It almost felt like.......fate.

First day at the class....it was almost like in sit-com. I sat there, watching all my classmates with all their different personalities which is absolutely fun to watch. For a whole year the class never let me being gloomy or sad for too long; it was just a perfect class to end my day and I brought home some good stories from the class.

Then I was involved in my first play ever, it was a musical The Sound of Music. It was fascinating. I almost cried on the rehearsal day when we actually did it with the orchestra. It was beautiful. The feeling when I saw the house was full...when I walked on stage even just for singing and not saying lines...when the spotlights blinding you from seeing the audiences.....it was magical.

And for the last project in my first semester was writing an original One Act play and I did it. I wrote a play titled No Matter What and had Amber,Seth,Rachelle,and Alexis to be in it. The feeling when the lights came up, and they appeared, saying lines that you wrote, with you watching it, knowing exactly what's coming up, all the unspoken message, the body language, the gesture....the feeling was just indescribable :)

I slowly got more and more lines in the play I was involved in. The Sound of Music, A Midsummer Night's Dream, One Act play, and Arabian Night. Even when I had no lines at all, I still enjoyed my time. I love spending my times building set, hanging out with drama kids, memorizing lines, or even take a good look at the treasure in the costume room :p

I miss it, badly.

cheers :)


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