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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life Update

Hey blog. So this entry right here is more of a life update. I think I haven't really written anything about what I've been working on lately so...just an update.

So right now as I am in my senior year in college, I'm working on my thesis or also known as skripsi so I can graduate this semester. I am both excited and scared about this since I heard there are so many obstacles that may happen and this is an actual test about yourself, how you work, your work ethic, your motivation, it's all like being tested. I was on fire the first week, and last week I was slacking so much I'm pretty sure I'm far behind all my other friends *sobs* but well, I'll try to catch up this week.

My thesis is actually about something I like, if not love. It really is a mix of everything I have grown interested in my year of college; it's about digital culture, it's about empowerment, it's about female, and I'm doing it on my latest obsession : femaledaily. Lots of my friends have seen this coming since I'm practically obsessed with the forum.

So that's about thesis. By the way, I have been loving this song so so very much. Its lyrics now is my desktop background, and I love listening to this song while writing. I've loved this since I heard this when I watch Empire (such a good show. SUCH A GOOD SHOW.) but now I'm falling in love all over again.

Such beautiful music. Beautiful lyrics. You should listen.

Anyway, next is right now not for the first time I'm running a business, an online shop business. I provide pre-order make up at a cheaper rate than anyone in Instagram also a couple of pre loved make up and clothing. I learned so much from doing this already. I hope I can get my online store established soon  and start building a solid customer network. Fingers crossed. Anyway if any body is reading this my store is called THEBEAUTYSHACK_ID and you can find me on Instagram.

my editing skill sucks. but hey it's something ain't It?

And I'm trying my best to sell CURATED BEAUTY ITEMS ONLY meaning I only want to sell stuffs that I have tried and happy with. It's kinda hard sometimes because when I find a good deal at my supplier I just want to sell, sell, and sell. Hopefully I can get more consistent in the next future.

Now back to writing skripsi.



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