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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hey I'm 17!

Well hello. I just want to let you all know that I'm NOT leaving this blog. I just haven't knew yet what to post :p And beside I've found another great blog to share... I like that because that one is so private and noone will never looked to my another-secret-pot.

And yeah, I turned 17 this year. Last month, actually. It's been amazing tho, to be an officially all grown up. I even got my driving license! Yay! And I've experienced some new things, like.........swimming in my school's fish pond. Thanks to all my bestfriends who struggled so hard to push me to the fish pond yeah :p . And thanks for the tattoo all over my body to all 68 011 (it was quite hard to erase them all, I even desperately thought to use detergent). And thanks for the surprise my boys&girls! I luv that choc cake (especially when it comes to your face)

Ah, I truly believe in Bowling for Soup's song ....


Btw I'm now in my current addiction.....it's JBiebs's Baby! Can't kicked that song off my head. I don't really like Bieber, he's way too young to me tho ( and that sweety side bangs boy is not really my type at all) but this song is killing me! Help!

Okay that's all for now, please wish me a happy year in my 17th ☺