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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Current Beauty Wishlist

Sunday Riley Skin Care 

picture taken from here
I have my eyes set on the Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Good Genes. I'm not an oil person, so I'll pass on the oils. I heard so many great things of these products and so keen to try! I'm still saving up my money, though, considering they are pricey as hell :/

 Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

I have the flattest hair ever. It got no volume and very thin and flat. My oily scalp only makes things worse, and since I try not to shampoo my hair every day (because of something my momma said about too many chemicals and stuff), dry shampoo is my savior for the day after I washed my hair. Currently I'm using the drugstore dry shampoo, Batiste, and it works okay for me. This item is said to work wayyyy better product than Batiste, that is why I put it here in this list.

Sigma Beauty Eye Brushes
from here
For some reasons I am not very interested in their face brushes, I don't know, I have Real Techniques and ELF Brushes to apply my make up at the moment and I am fairly satisfied with their performan-ce. Besides I am also keeping an eye at the Beauty Blender and I think I'll be all set once I get it in my hands. But for eye brushes, it's a whole different story. The only decent eye brushes I have are EcoTools Duo Eyes Enhancing Sets which are two brushes with four brush heads; yes they are dual ended brush. I finally realized that every eye brush have their own function and one just cannot justify using other brushes to fulfill one's job. It can be done, yes, but it won't be as good. And Sigma is raved by so many frickin people and I heard the quality is amazing. Zoeva is also said to have good brush but Sigma Beauty have the it-factor, I want these brushes SO BAD.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Teint Rose

Claimed to give an illusion of glow from within, I am sold. I want want want this. I could never afford it probably but hey, that's why this post is titled Wishlist, LOL. I never really got attracted to these beautiful pearls before, not until I saw how beautiful a highlighter is when used properly in one's face. I love all the shine. But then it's not enough, I want glow. And then I research a lot and fell in love with Guerlain Meteorites's review. Besides...look at that packaging. So beautiful please come to mi vanity, won't ya?

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Face Contouring and Highlight
taken from here
It smells like chocolate. The packaging is cute, the color selection is great, it comes with a cute fluffy brush, it has great reviews. What more could I ask?

I think it's all for now, I sure have many more but I'll break it down to couple posts!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts on Nosy People and Religion

I can never understand why people are so nosy about others' religious activity and/or affiliation and/or perspective.

I am a student of this one lecturer who has been getting many controversies from what he said on the media, specifically from what he wrote on his page, like status update or just a few short captions on the news/article he shared on his page. I will not mention who he is; as there are haters probably obsessively googled his name every so often and I simply don't want them to stop by and read my thoughts here. My blog, my authority, so f*ck off.

I just paid a short visit to his page and saw many mean comments. Like, really mean, condescending comments. Calling him names. I should mention that most of his controversial statement is religion-related, which I could never understand why he kept doing it over and over, but hey, it's his right to say whatever he wants to, just as it is the haters' right to leave any comments on his page. But freedom of speech yadda yadda is not my point here. I am talking about the attitude.

Growing up with a very cool parents, I think I do quite well in the area. As in, knowing which attitude is bad and which is okay, or even nice to have. But nosy has never been on the side of "good attitude" why? Because it is common courtesy, it's basic logic in my opinion (psychology majors would you please explain?) that being nosy, especially for private matters, is not nice. It's basic etiquette that I believe, sourced from one's understanding of what ethics means. Conclusion : if you can't differ between good and bad attitude, you probably have a very low understanding of basic ethics.

Some people may argue that when it comes to religion, there are different sets of ethics applied. Some may even believe that it is their duty to "straighten" one's thoughts that is considered "deviant". But I really really don't think so. Religion, no matter what it is and what the details in the holy book said, is centered on one thing : kindness. Be kind. Be nice to people. Sure there are verses about beheading and killing so called "kafir" (which made me think of how much of a hypocryte many people are, one day they're saying that it's all in God's will, God knows best et cetera, but the next day decided for themselves that in fact, they know best, which reflected in what they said and claimed). But come on, really guys? You think religion should be all about the punishment from God? About avoding sins and preventing others from committing sins? Whatever happens to loving God for all His grace and gifts?  What the hell ever happens to CREATE PEACE BETWEEN HUMANKIND?

All you guys do are fighting. What? It's jihad? Fighting for the pride of Islam and standing for God's and the Prophets teachings? Since when doing so is translated into : Hey guys let's trash this one guy's facebook timeline, he said *wrong* things about Islam we should teach him to think straight and read more and do taubat!

What the hell ever happens to sharing beautiful article and news about how Almighty our God is. I really do love those articles. Makes me feel small and aware of my place in the universe. All I see today is so called writings about human committing sins and God punishes them in some way. Geez, I didn't know that religion is that scary. I guess I prefer to imagine Allah in all His asmaul husna, those beautiful traits of my God who is very nice and forgiving and Almighty and loving and yeah. Sometimes I do get jealous when my Christian friends share scripts and verses about love, "kasih". Why can't people on my timeline share those things too,about Allah's love? About making peace and be kind to one another? About how to live our life in peace by following His teachings and Prophets way? The beautiful stuff about Islam, please!

(Or maybe I just need a different set of people on my timeline)

Besides, religion is a very private things. I do not believe in intervening in other people's process of being religious. It's okay and it's nice to get advice on what to do to improve my acts, but other than that please just don't.

For a very (appearance - wise) not religious person I wrote a lot about religion here. I wonder why.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beauty Thoughts : Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

Hello pretty people!

So. I have been thinking about start writing about beauty and skincare products that I tried. Since the beginning of my fondness towards make up and beauty products I have always loved to blog walk from one beauty blog to another. I love reading reviews of beauty products and when they're written well it is very helpful for readers to decide whether they should purchase and try the product or not. My favorite Indonesian beauty blogger is easily the pretty Vani Sagita. Loveee the way she writes about products! The pictures are beautiful too. Her swatches are amazing. So many products look amazing on her. I have been influenced by her reviews several times; for the time I bought Maybelline Lip Polish, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Viva White Clean & Mask Refreshner, Viva Queen Liquid Eyeliner and my ultimate purchase of LORAC Pro Palette 2. Guess what? I have no regrets because all of them work wonder and live up to my expectation based on her review. 

And couple weeks ago I got to meet her in person. I was like vomiting words about how much I love her blog even showed her the bookmark page on my mobile's Google Chrome haha! She was so nice and funny and pretty. Kya! She got a blog post about the event where we met and I got mentioned in the post! Yay!!

Anyway, enough for the prologue. Let me get started with this whole beauty review thing. 

I want to talk about this liquid lipstick products by Sleek from their Matte Me line, in the shade Birthday Suit.

Birthday Suit is a classic wearable nude,that can be teamed with Au Naturel i-Divine on eyes for an enhanced you. The light as air texture provides you with comfortable wear for hours, that doesn’t cake, flake or dry out, ensuring long lasting colour all day.
I actually have tried this Matte Me liquid lipstick before, but in the shade Fandango Purple. It is a beautiful purple-fuschia-y colour, not too dark, not too bright, just pretty colors. I imagine wearing it for attending wedding or something it surely will attract attention in the good way. But one thing I hate is when it dries up it makes my lips feel tight, like being pulled from each ends. Which is, trust me, very unpleasant. When I try to smile it feels like my lips going to crack (even though it doesn't). 

Then why the hell did you buy another one?! 

Because....I mean look at that colour. It is so. so. pretty. Classic, wearable pinky nude. I'm sold. I'm a sucker for that color, please take a look at my vanity and you'll believe me. So yeah I bought it, and excited to try it on. And the formulation is way better on this one. It feels light and comfortable on my lips. When I first applied it on my lips I thought it's going to wash me out; it looks pale. But then as it dried up, it kind of darkened (oxidized?) and makes the most wearable nude for me. So pretty I love it. 

lip swatch
Can we talk packaging please? I actually love Sleek Matte Me's packaging better than other liquid lipstick that I have. It comes in this boxy tube with clear body and black doff cap. I love when there's not too many things written on the tube (yes, I'm talking about you, LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss). It is not too bulky nor too slim, just the right size. The applicator is slightly stiffer than other liquid lipstick but I don't mind, really. I'm very easy to please.

yay for clear tube!
Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this product. The color is the winner for me. The price is affordable too!

I also wrote a short review about this product at Female Daily Beauty Review platform. You should start writing here too it's fun and they have contests and giveaways! Here is my review

If I have to rate, I'll give it a solid 3,5/5,00

Yay for color, price, and packaging.
Nay for staying power and longevity.

I guess that'd be all?

Haha see you pretty people! xo