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Friday, July 24, 2009

Support Local Products!

Kata orang Singapore tentang Indonesia

Today at 6:20pm

Suatu pagi di Bandar Lampung, kami menjemput seseorang di bandara. Orang itu sudah tua, kisaran 60 tahun. Sebut saja si bapak.

Si bapak adalah pengusaha asal singapura, dengan logat bicara gaya melayu, english, (atau singlish) beliau menceritakan pengalaman2 hidupnya kepada kami yang masih muda. Mulai dari pengalaman bisnis, spiritual, keluarga, bahkan percintaan hehehe..
"Your country is so rich!"
Ah biasa banget kan denger kata2 begitu. Tapi tunggu dulu..
"Indonesia doesn’t need the world, but the world needs Indonesia"
"Everything can be found here in Indonesia, u don’t need the world"
"Mudah saja, Indonesia paru2 dunia. Tebang saja hutan di Kalimantan,
dunia pasti kiamat. Dunia yang butuh Indonesia !"
"Singapore is nothing, we cant be rich without Indonesia . 500.000 orang Indonesia berlibur ke Singapura setiap bulan. Bisa terbayang uang yang masuk ke kami, apartemen2 dan condo terbaru kami yang membeli pun orang2 indonesia, ga peduli harga yang selangit, laku keras. Lihatlah rumah sakit kami, orang Indonesia semua yang berobat."
"Kalian tahu bagaimana kalapnya pemerintah kami ketika asap hutan Indonesia masuk? Ya, benar2 panik. sangat terasa, we are nothing."
"Kalian ga tau kan klo Agustus kemarin dunia krisis beras. Termasuk di Singapura dan Malaysia, kalian di Indonesia dengan mudah dapat beras"
"Lihatlah negara kalian, air bersih dimana2.. lihatlah negara kami, air bersih pun kami beli dari malaysia. Saya pernah ke Kalimantan, bahkan pasir pun mengandung permata. Terlihat glitter kalo ada matahari bersinar. Petani disana menjual Rp3000/kg ke sebuah pabrik China. Dan si pabrik menjualnya kembali seharga Rp 30.000/kg. Saya melihatnya sendiri"
"Kalian sadar tidak klo negara2 lain selalu takut meng-embargo Indonesia?! Ya, karena negara kalian memiliki segalanya. Mereka takut kalau kalian menjadi mandiri, makanya tidak di embargo. Harusnya KALIANLAH YANG MENG-EMBARGO DIRI KALIAN SENDIRI. Belilah dari petani2 kita sendiri, belilah tekstil garmen dari pabrik2 sendiri. Tak perlu kalian impor klo bisa produksi sendiri."
"Jika kalian bisa mandiri, bisa MENG-EMBARGO DIRI SENDIRI, Indonesia
will rules the world.."
So, let's we love our products.

(copied via lerry yahya )

Lerry bilang, dia denger cerita ini trus dia ketik. Sumpah ini keren, inspiring, dan ngebuka mata gue bahwa Indonesia (memang) punya banyak potensi!! Love our products, guys. For Indonesia Unite.

btw, thanks Lerry buat lisensinya hehehe

Nadia Shifa

Sunday, July 19, 2009

you should come to Indonesia because.....

(copied via @iwetramadhan @andiraputri @indraherlambang @ersamayori and some from google..... and the blues are my own tweets )

You should come to Indonesia because we serve you our best smile everyday #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have the best food on earth. You will never run out of choices. #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have the most unique band ever, Kangen Band.You can't find them anywhere.100% Local. #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have many unique traditional games.Have you ever play congklak (drop-and-take-beads-in-a-holey-board)?

You should come to Indonesia because we have LOTS of soap opera EVERYDAY in our tv. Impressive, right?

You should come to Indonesia because we have a band with horror makeup with tombstones as accesories, singing guitar chords #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we can eat many kinds of sambals only with one piece of chicken #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia and see how many kinds of people from different cultures can live in harmony #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we are simply unique and irresistible. Once you go here, you will love to come back.

You should come to Indonesia because only here the reality shows are sooo overdramatic #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because.. we have 746 languages and even more local dialects. (What's your answer?). #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because.. We have a cool oldman named Mbah Surip

You should come to Indonesia because.. We have Komodo Rocks, one of world's greatest wonder. (And the lizzard is way cool!)

You should come to indonesia because.. we have sun all year long! #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have a lot of parking spaces. Like, everywhere! =) #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because our traditional food are simply the best! #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because our students have won many times on Math & Physics Olympics, get your education here! #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because it doesn't cost you € 50 to eat great and tasty fried rice (like in Suisse) #indonesiaunite.

You should come to Indonesia because it's dangerously BEAUTIFUL. don't tell your mother

#indonesiaunite You should come to Indonesia because we have the crunchiest jokes that will make you laugh your ass off !!

You should come to Indonesia because we have more than 3 malls in less 3 kilometers #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we hv the most beautiful beaches:pulau ampat, bali, lombok! #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because here we give you the warmest smile :) #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because kuntilanak is scarier than frankenstein #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have buses which would stop wherever you want to get off of (angkot/damri) hahahaa

You should come to Indonesia because even Barrack Obama grown up here! ...

You should come to Indonesia because it's easy living here. You can pretty much buy everything in front of your door. #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have rokok kretek and Teh Botol Sosro #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have TOLAK ANGIN. Ampuh. Asli buatan Indonesia! #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because we have beautiful beaches and great cultures . #indonesiaunite

You should come to Indonesia because indonesia is food paradise <3>

------ copied from many many sources -------

We wait for your visit ! :)


Nadia #indonesiaunite

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Indonesia Unite Against Terrorism

well, we got bomb. Again.

The bombs exploded yesterday, at 7.47 am and destroyed The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. 8 people dead. More than fifty got serious pain. Not just them, but us. Indonesia is in pain. We are in pain.

Hell, why they just can't stop? Stop doing stupid things like this! From the latest news I h
eard that police has confirmed that IT WAS SUICIDAL BOMBERS ATTACK. HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who said that do a suicidal bomb attack bring you straight to Heaven? Who said that shit??? And who the fucking people that think IT WAS RIGHT? Think logically. Killed and wounded a lot of innocent people is a NOBLE JOB? Okay, tho' they're not that innocent, WE DON'T HAVE RIGHT TO JUDGE THEIR LIVES. It's God.

This accident ruined everything. Ruined the victim's life, and ruined our coun
try reputation. The league between Indonesia All Stars vs Manchester United had been canceled because of this accident. Since I'm not a soccer freak, I don't really sad about this, but YES, I sad, because the fucking stupid terroris successfully ruined our reputation.

Well, then some friends of mine said through this tweet to put #indonesiaunite as hashtag to show our respects about this accident. Then it expanded so fast, it was like, everyone put it on their tweets, til #indonesiaunite sat on first place as Trending Topics ! What a history! Yes, why I said that? Because Twitter is universal, so it me
ans that all people from all around the world heard our shout, read our words!!! They heard our shout that WE ARE NOT AFRAID. WE ARE NOT DEAD. WE HAVE THE SPIRIT IN OUR BLOOD, RUNNING THROUGH OUR VEINS! We also add an Indonesian flag on our avatar to show them that WE ARE PROUD TO BE INDONESIANS!!!! And this morning, Metro TV announcer told about Komunitas Twitter Indonesia that put #indonesiaunite on the top of Trending Topics ! Later, it was confirmed that CNN's announcer read one of our tweets about #indonesiaunite !! ON AIR !! Yes, we made it!

Should I be proud, then? In my point of view, NO. Why? Because it is our task. We're on duty. We have to do this.

So, Indonesia, please don't cry. We have to be tough. Show them up our brave face. Let them know that WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Indonesia has ZILLION kids who ready to s
acrifice themselves for the country. WE ARE NOT AFRAID. You need more than bomb to tear us apart! But everything you've done and will do, I will tell you first, YOU WILL FAILED. YOU WILL. Nothing can beat us. Nothing can tear us apart. We hold on for Indonesia, together, and ever.

Don't mess with us. We mean it. Because WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

* come join Indonesia Unite Fight Against Terrorism by click this site and also add a red-white fl
ag on your avatar and show them WE ARE NOT AFRAID

N #indonesiaunite

Saturday, July 11, 2009

howiday is over

owkay, howiday is over. Get back to our normal life. Hello 68, hello friends, hello teachers, hello clock, and hello uniform! It's (not really) nice to meet you (again) !

This holiday I didn't do anything, well just 3 days at Bandung and til the holiday's over, I just made friends with DVDs, TV, and bed. Ah, and food. Chocs. Chips. I have to be on diet. I have to. I have to. I have to. I have to. I have to.

I didn't buy any books - it's kinda wierd, I NEVER skipped books exhibition, but I was not in the mood to read. So, this holiday I spent my money over DVDs. I bought 8 dvds and got 1 as bonus hehe, so these are what I bought last week at Bandung ( it located near Unpad Dipati Ukur, highly recommended! Nice quality, they have so many collection, from the old-movies like Ghost,Pretty Woman til Transformers 2. Nice service too) and all dvds I bought are romantic movies. Oh, and one about friendship.

Okay, these are DVDs I bought at Bandung ( +review)

starring : Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg

ohhh, ini toh model rambut yang katanya booming jaman itu. Iya sih disini Demi Moorenya cantik. Ceritanya romantis, Sam (Patrick Swayze) dibunuh seorang penodong setelah ia dan Molly (Demi Moore) pulang dari teater. Tapi Sam jadi hantu dan ia baru tau kalo ternyata ada konspirasi dibalik pembunuhannya malam itu. Untuk ngasitau Molly dia bertemu Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) yang konyol. Adegan Sam-Oda Mae cukup menghibur dan lawakannya kocak juga. Ya efeknya untuk ukuran taun 80-an udah canggih, cuma kalo diliat sekarang aduh jadul banget. Keseluruhan : 4 out of 5

The Sisterhood of a Traveling Pants
starring : America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, Amber -sumthin-

gue udah baca bukunya duluan. Filmya oke, Yunani keren. Adegan Carmen dan ayahnya juga dapet tuh. Gue sirik berat sama Blake Lively, geelaaa bodinyaaa men. Oh iya adegan Tibby sama Bailey di kasur berdua itu sedih deh. Keseluruhan : 4 out of 5

Love Actually
starring : banyaak

iseng aja beli lagi. Tetep bagus kok. Hehe. Keseluruhan : 4.5 out of 5

The Notebook
starring : Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams

bagussss,romantissss,asik deh pokoknya. Buat yang suka film romantis harus nonton. Keseluruhan : 4.2 out of 5

starring : taulah siapa

iseng juga. Tetep bagus. Tapi gue bingung sebenernya Bella's Lullaby tuh nongolnya kapan sih? Kok di film ga ada ya? Keseluruhan : 4.5 out of 5

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
starring : Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood

lucu, keren idenya hehehe. Awalnya sempet bingung tapi lama-lama ngerti. Ga nyesel deh beli.
Keseluruhan : 4.1 out of 5

Notting Hill
starring : Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts

belom ditonton

A Beautiful Mind
starring : Russel Crowe

belom ditonton

Never Been Kissed
starring : Drew Barrymore

keren, lucu, ya begitulah. Keseluruhan : 3.8 out of 5

oh yaa sebelumnya gue juga sempet beli 3 DVD, He's just not into You, St. Trinian sama Angel & Demons.

He's just not into You
starring : Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long, banyak.

keren,bagus,lumayan. Keseluruhan : 4.1 out of 5

St. Trinian
starring : Rupert Everett, etc etc special appearance Mischa Barton and Lily Cole

kereeeeeeeeeen!!! Film cewek banget. Harus nonton. Keseluruhan : 4.4 out of 5

Angel & Demon
starring : Tom Hanks, etc etc etc

uda tau ceritanya. bagusan buku, filmnya ngebosenin, beberapa kali fast forward. Hehe Keseluruhan : 3.6 out of 5

well that's all for now see ya