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Monday, July 20, 2015

Thoughts of Being Productive

What does 'a productive day' mean to you?
How do you define 'being productive' ?
What are the measures?
My definition on being productive changed a lot over the years. Back in the high school, the word being productive means absolutely nothing to me. Why? Because my days were full of school and friends and drama and so on and so on. I didn't care much about target. All I cared about back then was to have fun while still manage a good grade ( which was quite easy, don't ask why, it needs a long explanation about this country education system). The word 'seize the day!' or carpe diem only meant fancy words to put on your tshirt or something. 

It is different now. 

As I'm getting closer to the last semester in college, I realized that I needed work experience to 1.) Put on my resume 2.) Gain experience before work 3.)Networking, networking, and networking. So I applied for internship slot at this one company; which I have to say, is pretty cool. They do the work that I actually want to, and keen to do, after I graduate. So when I got the job, I was thrilled! There was a voice in the back of my head tho', saying this is my last long-break as college student; where I could've spent it traveling or whatever, but I chose to do internship instead. But then, whatever, The last two long-break I had, I spent most of the days at home, devouring series and movies. Did some volunteering, too, but just for one or two day. So I was glad that I wouldn't be doing that anymore, instead I could get productive at the office!

The work load is not that high; most of what I had to do at the office could be done in an hour or two, but I had a whole workday to finish that. I assisted the consultants sometimes with little things. On a slow day, I usually browse for my thesis material, or of course, mingle at FemaleDaily haha (btw, I'm a citizen now! Whoa!). I took notes when I notice anything that I learned that day; from new phrases in mining industry, universal phonetic code, until general reminder like pay attention to details. Then I go home taking the omprengan . 

On the first two weeks of internship I was so proud that I was so productive; I woke up early, went to the office, did my job, and I got home at the evening. Sleep, and do that all over again. I didn't have time to slack around, I was using the most of my time at home to get as much sleep as possible and to do what needs to be done (i.e : putting masks on, skincare routine, etc). I wanted to give myself a pat on my back,  you did good, Nad, you're being productive! Kudos!

But then on a slow day, third weeks into internship, I was sitting in the omprengan on my way home, minding my own business. Suddenly it hit me. I haven't done anything today. It was a slow day at work, no consultants asked for my assistance, so I just did my usual job until it's time to go home.

I did something, didn't I? Then why the heck I had that feeling that I haven't done anything that day?
I looked into my purse, and noticed my Gogirl! Agenda sitting there. I couldn't remember the last time I wrote something in there. And I think, that is exactly the problem.

I didn't learn anything that day.

Learning is a big part of being productive. For me. When you just get by each day by doing your job BUT you learned nothing, then the day is wasted. And I had been doing that for sometimes; I didn't learn anything. I just came to the office, turned on my PC, and did my job. And that's all. No mental notes even made. I wasn't being productive; yes, I did my job, but then again machines also got their job done. I am a human blessed with brains, why the heck I didn't utilize it properly? I'm not a machine. I need to use my brain to keep learning and learning. When I stopped learning, that is the moment I stopped being productive.

So yeah. Learn something everyday, good people. We're blessed with this amazing brain, so we might as well make the best out of it.

Anyhoo, happy Eid!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Aku Jatuh Cinta

Aku jatuh cinta.
Setiap pagi ketika melepasmu, aku ingin menjerit tak rela. Di kantor saat aku tenggelam dalam pekerjaan aku terus teringat kamu. Betapa hangatnya berada dalam pelukanmu. Betapa halus dan lembutnya kamu mengelus kulitku. Betapa aku tidur amat nyenyak sejak ada kamu.

Sejak aku melihatmu pertama kali, aku langsung jatuh cinta. Pembawaanmu yang simpel. Kamu anggun dan kamu klasik. Aku ingin memilikimu.

Kamu tahu, apa yang membuatku senang bersama kamu?
Kamu membuat aku merasa kecil dan muda. Kamu hangat dan membuatku merasa aman. Aku senang memelukmu dan aku selalu ingin bersama kamu. Seandainya kamu bisa ikut aku kemana saja aku mau.

Sekarang jam 21:58. Aku lelah dan sudah dalam pelukan hangatmu.

Selamat tidur, sayang.

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