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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Foodies Doodies

Hi guys!

Well it's 00:33 am in the morning but I don't quite feel like sleeping, probably because I literally slept all day today. Yes it's holiday time already! I received my report card and I'm quite satisfied with my score, alhamdulillah :) I'll have days off until 9th of January so I have plenty of time! Don't have any plan yet so feel free to hit me up!

So what I'm going to write on my page today (tonight?) is......food! Lol yeah I'm going to write all-about the food that I miss in America and how I overcome that in my lovely homeland.

It's always been one of the common question in my exchange-student's life; either people in my host community ask about what do I eat in Indonesia or people in Indonesia ask how I eat in America. For the first question mostly I would just say Indonesian eat a lot of rice. My host family happened to love trying new food so yeah I cooked them some Indonesian food. Of course, with adjusted taste and recipe. So in a year, I managed to cook 'em soto ayam, nasi goreng, bihun goreng, gado-gado, tempe mendoan, perkedel jagung, kerupuk udang, kerupuk bawang aaand kerupuk ikan :D

My host family they love to cook and to eat (well we all most do right) but it's true that we have tons of food at home because my host mom likes to stock on stuff...so we never run out of anything. well, rarely :p but yeah the food is quite different from us. My host mom always cooks for dinner, we usually would have whether Italian (pasta of many different kind; ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti, farfalle mostly with tomato based sauce or pesto) Mexican (burritos(!!), quesadilla, chili) Asian (noodle with peanut sauce, thai curry, stir-fry, tofu, spring roll, couscous) American (home made burger, grilled cheese, omelettes, grilled chicken, pizza(?)) Indian (curry, lentils with lots and lots of condiments) always accompanied by a yummy bowl of fresh garden salad (we had a chef salad for dinner one day it was daaamn good) with vinegar/ranch/russian/goddess dressing, my mom's famous homemade bread (or sometimes replaced with challah, jewish bread for shabbat night) . And sometimes Jewish food during holiday times like charoset, challah, gilte fish, latkes, matzos, hamantashen, kugel(!!), etc etc. Because my mom cooks a lot, we always have leftover for the next day that my host sisters would usually bring as lunch to school (me sometimes :p) but besides we always have something to eat. like, always :) love you mom :* (reminds me of how often she went grocery shopping)

I've been missing some american food since I came back home! This is a list of food I miss the most (but I manage to fulfill it, thank God I live in Jakarta) :

1. Granola!
For God's sake I miss granola sooo bad! At first I really dislike it; I thought its texture was weird and way way too sweet. But the fact is...I love granola. I haven't found any decent granola anywhere so far but I did find granola bars :') exactly the one I always ate in the US. Nature Valley crunchy granola bar (still looking for the chewy ones!) Got it at Food Hall for about $6 for 6.

2. PB&J sandwich
I was pretty disappointed when I bought Jif peanut butter at Carrefour (it wasn't cheap!) it didn't taste like the one I used to eat. Then I saw the ingredients...that's why. The peanut butter that I love is the one that only has peanut and oil in the ingredients..so yummy. For the jelly, naah just used regular fruit jam, they're just as good :)

3. Salad!
Uh-oh. Salad! I found perfect salad at Food Hall (again!) with a lot of dressing choices (honey mustard until vinaigrette). Tamani has decent caesar salad, too. I miss light vinegar dressing so bad so when I found Hellmann's light vinaigrette dressing I instantly bought it. I ate only apple, cucumber, and lettuce salad for a while. Recipe : take half an apple, cut into cubes. a cup of lettuce (but lately I don't use it again, dislike Indonesian lettuce), shredded. Half a cucumber, cubed. 2 tablespoons of dressing (14 calories!), mix well. then add cheddar cheese, either grated or cubed. mix well. (raisins and/or wonton strips goes well with them too). Refrigerate for 10 mins before serving. Enjoy :)

4. Apple pie!!
I am extremely fond of pies. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, name it. But mostly is apple! Love it love it. I made it once (with help, of course) and it turned so yummy! Apple pie and vanilla ice cream is sooo American. I haven't found any ready-to-use pie crust (I'm sure Jakarta has it somewhere) so I just baked some apples instead! Taste just like the filling. Recipe : take an apple, remove the core then cut into thin slices. Put in a bowl. Pour some cinnamon powder (around a teaspoon) mix well until apple slices well-coated. sprinkle some sugar. place alumunium foil on the pan. preheat oven to 170-ish. put it in for about 15-20 mins. enjoy your warm juicy baked apple!

5. Frozen bananas and grapes.
One of my favorite snack. Just peeled the bananas, cut into two. put into freezer. grapes; just put into freezer.

6. Cookies
I baked chocolate chip cookies and it tasted just yumm :) for christmas I baked gingerbread cookies and oatmeal raisin along with American YES students in Indonesia; Amy Andrew and Nathan. Was a lot of fun :) :) find the recipe online!

7. Grilled cheese sandwich
Obviously one of the easiest lunch choice. I miss grilled cheese with tomato soup! I made some grilled cheese lately. Sooo easy. Just take two slices of bread, smear it with butter. every side. then put a slice of cheddar cheese (or any cheese) in the middle. put in an oven 170 for about 15 minutes.

8. Pretzels :(
So pretzel is officially my favorite snack of all time. The small baked one not the hot pretzel in NYC's side street (well they are also good actually). Haven't found it anywhere, but I just bought Snyder's of Hanover pretzel pieces honey mustard and onion flavor..was so good. Can't recall where to find Auntie Anne's besides Taman Anggrek. Anyone?


Well, yeah, in short, I miss American food :( but well I guess I just have to be more creative to find any way to taste it again! :)

P.S : If anyone ever wonder how big is the portion of food in typical American restaurant, please try Chili's (Sarinah building). Enjoy! :D

bye for now, hope I didn't make you hungry reading this!



Wednesday, December 14, 2011


On my first day in Vermont, I remember we drove home then we went out again for a walk. Silly me, I thought they were asking me to go for a walk to sightsee the town (that's why I said yes). Yeah, going for a walk means you literally going walking in a place...in this story, a woods near Park-McCullough house. Mom, Zoe, Kati, and I went for a walk with Ivy.

While walking, Zoe kept asking me couple question...well, it's our first day meeting each other! I was concentrating on keeping up my pace with theirs (Did I ever say about how American walk? FAST) but Zoe caught my attention with one question.

"What club do you want to join?"

And almost reflex, I answered "Drama club."

I've never participated in any kind of play slash performance slash anything on stage except singing.......in a choir. But being in a play, actually doing something on stage and have actual people come to see the play is different. I have no idea how it works; how play are selected, how set is built, how the roles are casted, how the lighting works, the sounds, the props, the costume, I know nothing about them before I decide to join in Drama club. I honestly cannot recall when and where did I get that interest, curiosity and passion about drama and being on stage because nothing I've experienced in my life prior to it has anything influential or somehow significant or even important to that much of passion toward theater arts inside me.

And that thing-I-cannot-recall also led me to the decision to take Theater Arts class for both semester; practically a whole academic year. I had no doubt at all; I did not worry about anything. I didn't think about the how-ifs; I was convinced, I was sure that this class is the right class for me, that I belong to the class. My host mom and my counselor were telling me I could change it after sometimes if it didn't work, but I was a hundred percent sure I won't and this is what I want. It almost felt like.......fate.

First day at the class....it was almost like in sit-com. I sat there, watching all my classmates with all their different personalities which is absolutely fun to watch. For a whole year the class never let me being gloomy or sad for too long; it was just a perfect class to end my day and I brought home some good stories from the class.

Then I was involved in my first play ever, it was a musical The Sound of Music. It was fascinating. I almost cried on the rehearsal day when we actually did it with the orchestra. It was beautiful. The feeling when I saw the house was full...when I walked on stage even just for singing and not saying lines...when the spotlights blinding you from seeing the audiences.....it was magical.

And for the last project in my first semester was writing an original One Act play and I did it. I wrote a play titled No Matter What and had Amber,Seth,Rachelle,and Alexis to be in it. The feeling when the lights came up, and they appeared, saying lines that you wrote, with you watching it, knowing exactly what's coming up, all the unspoken message, the body language, the gesture....the feeling was just indescribable :)

I slowly got more and more lines in the play I was involved in. The Sound of Music, A Midsummer Night's Dream, One Act play, and Arabian Night. Even when I had no lines at all, I still enjoyed my time. I love spending my times building set, hanging out with drama kids, memorizing lines, or even take a good look at the treasure in the costume room :p

I miss it, badly.

cheers :)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moving On

it takes courage
it takes strength
it takes true will
and it takes............time.

It's been a long four years since I met you.
I've never been in love before.
Yet, I might. But not the same like what I had with you.
You actually gave me butterflies.
You gave me pink blushes on my cheeks.
You made me secretly smile behind my book.
You made me doodling your name in every little spot in my notes.
You made me giggle like a little girl.
You made me spend more time in front of the mirror making sure my hair looks right.
You made me smile more than anyone ever did.
You made me whisper your name in my prayer.
You made me check my phone every few seconds, hoping for some updates :)
You made me feel so........alive.

Don't forget on how you made me cry.
How you made me shedding tears.
How you made me hate you.
How you made me feel so miserable.
How you trapped me to love you.
How you made me realize, none of those
was ever your fault.

We never had anything really.
We didn't talk. We didn't text. We didn't hang. We did nothing. We had nothing.
If we ever had anything....that probably only exists in my head.
But there is something that I keep from days to days.
From years to years.
Something special that always makes a smile drawn in my face.

I miss you.
I don't miss you everyday. Honestly, not even every weeks.
I admit that when I'm busy I don't remember you.
I don't actually think about you all the time.
I don't actually dream of you every night.
Just from time to time I knoe it's still there.

Yet I know you never think of me either.
Which is fine, since we never had anything, right? :)
We were just friends.
We were just classmates.
We were just acquaintance.

But you're more than that inside my heart.
You were special.
............And you still are :)

I've been trying to remove you.
I don't know why is it so hard.
Is it possible to love you when we're not even close?
It's been a long four years. And in three years, we haven't seen each other.
I have enough. I have waited too long. I've been crying too much. I've been wondering so much things that never gonna happen. I gotta move on.

It's gonna be tough.
It's gonna be hard.
It's gonna be painful.
But I assume, it'll be worth it.


Remember me, will you?
Just a girl. Not even pretty. Not even attractive in any way.
Remember me as a friend of yours, will you?
Who used to love you. Who still has love for you. Who used to doodle your name in her wrist. Who used to whisper your name in her prayer.

"Sekarang aku tersadar,
Cinta yang kutunggu tak kunjung datang
Apalah arti aku menunggu bila kamu tak cinta lagi...."
- Raisa

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Pieces of My Adventure

So.....just realized that I didn't post anything about what I've done in my last couple months in America. Just thought I'll post some here ;)

Purim Festival. Whipped cream + Twizzlers = WINNING, DUH.

My last play :( Arabian Nights with Heather and Jayde. Love n miss this class xo

Me at Harvard University, Boston. International Club Trip!
Spring Choir Concert :D Holden, Amelia, Alexis, me

Hannah and me. Theater Arts field trip to NYC; watching Broadway show! Yippie

NYC (Again!) PAX Cluster field trip

Mayfest 2011. It was an absolute blast

Senior Prom :D was awesome #nuffsaid
last day, last picture with my best girl Alexis <3

it's a wrap! the end of my amazing year.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"...I'm going home,
back to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me..."
Daughtry - Home

Yup guys, I'm home.

Well, the end of my exchange year is kinda different from other kids but it's fine, I got over it. You just can't predict the future, right? ;)

Being back home at first was............weird.
So when I first stepped in Soekarno-Hatta, I sighed and told myself
"Welcome home, Nad. It's time to wake up."

Everything seemed unfamiliar. The crowd. The language. The heat. The smells. Just everything. I was like out of space. I felt like I never knew this place before, yet I knew that isn't true.

I got out the exit door and boom. I saw my friends, a bunch of them, waiting for me with a big smile on their face. They were like "oh my god you're really back!" "nadiaaa!" and I was just stoned, standing there, couldn't even say a thing.

Overwhelmed. That would describe what I felt perfectly. Maybe that's why my first word in Indonesia was "F*ck" (pardon me for that :p)

I met my parents and my brother. I went back home. Everything just weird. I couldn't really speak Indonesian properly (please underline and bold this; PROPERLY. I can talk Indonesian of course, but it was pretty weird for the first few weeks)

Don't get me wrong. Of course I'm excited to be back and meet my friends. Going back to the city I loved after being a country girl for 10 months. I'm excited for the food (American food is infamous with their blend flavour) Indonesian food are so rich in taste! I'm excited to sleep on my own bed, using my own bathroom, and everything.

But it's unavoidable that after living for 10 months in America with completely different life style, I need to readjust back to the life in here. I was so used to my host family lifestyle, which was so different from my own family and that was pretty hard for me to readjust back. It wasn't fun, but I knew it's normal. Every exchange student like me went through the same phase and they survived, why couldn't I. Besides, it's your home. It's my home. Who knows it best besides me? ;)

It's been 3 months since I came back home. I'm now a different person. I'm not the same girl leaving Indonesia last year anymore. I learn a lot. I'm more grateful for everything. I notice little things. I grow up. I'm back in my daily routine, in my original way of living, but with a more opened perspective and fresher mind. Ready to heat up myself more for the world, ready to do more for life, ready to be an agent of change.

Well, it's true that nothing feels quite like home :)

(this is me for returnees talent show at AFS/YES INAYPScNH 011/012 Farewell Party)



Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi, hello, halo, bonjour.

Gw cuman mau berbagi cerita sedikit disini. "Kasus" yang cukup menarik untuk dibahas, dan buat gue, (lagi-lagi) gue ngerasa di "tes".

Jadi alkisah ada sepasang kakak beradik. Kakaknya perempuan, dan adiknya cowok. Perbedaan umur mereka cuman 2 tahun.Mereka juga punya 2 kakak cowok yang perbedaan umurnya cukup jauh, kurang lebih 14 tahun. Sang kakak kuliah di kota sebelah, dan cuma balik di saat break.

Sejak kecil, si adik ini memang penyakitan. Badannya kurus, dan dia juga punya segala macem alergi dan rentan sama penyakit. Tapi bukan berarti dia ngga banyak gerak, justru dia sangat hiperaktif dan suka loncat sana sini, berceloteh tanpa henti. Karena kondisi badannya yang memang relatif rapuh, sangat wajar kan kalo dia deket banget sama nyokapnya.

Sang nyokap, wanita yang sangat dinamis. Di umurnya yang udah kepala empat, dia masih sibuk sekolah dan kerja segala macem; konsultasi ini dan itu dan sekaligus ngurusin kedua anaknya. Sang ayah, sangat humoris dan sederhana, tapi cowok banget. Tertarik nya sama mesin dan automotif dan segala macem peralatan berat macam itu. Dia deket sama anak-anaknya meskipun ngga sedeket sang ibu.

Kasusnya dimulai disini.
Jadi suatu hari kita main game rame-rame, dan gue dengan bercanda nanya kepada si Adik boleh gak gue make up in mukanya dia dan dia ketawa tawa doang. Dan itu gue bener bener bercanda, dan bahkan gue lupa. Tapi beberapa hari kemudian, dia ngingetin gue tentang make up project itu dan gue terkaget kaget soalnya dia yang "minta". Dan bahkan dia dengan semangat ngeluarin seluruh alat tempur (enggak deng, make up nya punya gue tapi nail polishnya punya nyokapnya) dan kita pun ke bawah.

Awalnya gue bingung kenapa dia semangat banget. Gue agak ragu buat ngelakuin ini, secara si Ayah di rumah dan dia ngeliat si Adik semangat. (Ingat, si Adik cuma 8 tahun). Tapi si Adik super semangat dan bahkan dia make makeup gue sendiri, dan gue gak berdaya dan akhirnya bantuin doi. Nggak lama kemudian, si Ayah turun dan ngeliat si Adik lagi berkuteks ria (dibantu gue).

Dan reaksi si Ayah sih ketebak , dia marah. Nggak ngamuk, cuman dengan nada keras nyuruh itu dihapus. "You're not a girl." Si Adik awalnya nolak, tp si Ayah bilang kalo dia bakal kena masalah kalo 20 menit ke depan dia liat si Adik masih dengan kuku berkuteks. Dan setelah si Ayah pergi, langsung heboh lah gue dengan si adik ngapusin tuh kuteks satu persatu. Si Adik cuma bilang "yah, ayah nggak suka aku begini." dengan nada yang cukup kentara kalau dia....sedih. and it broke my heart.

What's wrong with that?

Okay, maybe I'm becoming a little bit way too liberal here. But when you think about it, seriously, what is wrong with that? He was just having fun. Putting make up on your face is not a sin.

Is putting make up on your face is exclusive for girls only?
Does it make you gay when you're a male and you put some make up on?
If it does, so what?

Well, in the future. If he ever becomes gay, will the dad accept it? will he ever think that it might be a result of his lack of attention to him when he was little? he was so close to his mom.

for the boy. will he ever wander whose fault is this? will he ever look back in the mirror and regret what he has become? or will he ever secretly wish in his heart that if only his dad had a little bit more time for him since he was little and taught him more about boys' stuff he will never be what he is today?

whose fault is it gonna be then? who is to blame?

in my opinion, it's no one fault. being gay is never a fault. it's never their choice to be gay or not to be gay. love is still love no matter who said it or did it. gay is beautiful.
everything is beautiful in their own way.

stop stereotyping campaign is on :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seleksi Pertukaran Pelajar AFS/YES/JENESYS 2012 - 2013!!!

source : babjakarta.org (visit here!)

14 Maret-17 April 2011 Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Jakarta membuka pendaftaran seleksi program pertukaran pelajar ke Amerika Serikat, Belgia, Belanda, Italia, Jepang, Jerman, Norwegia, Prancis, Swiss bagi siswa kelas 1 SMA/sederajat. Pendaftaran dibuka bagi kamu yang:
Warga Negara Indonesia
Sehat Jasmani dan Rohani
Siswa kelas 1 SMA / Sederajat (saat pendaftaran pada bulan April 2011 )
Aktif berkegiatan.
Mengikuti dan lulus proses seleksi bertahap yang diadakan oleh Bina Antarbudaya.
Mendapat izin dari orangtua dan sekolah
Tahun ini, formulir pendaftaran hanya tersedia secara online mulai tanggal 14 Maret - 17 April. Berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk mendaftar sebagai proses seleksi:
1. Unduh / Download-lah:
Formulir pendaftaran (9 halaman) klik di sini atau di sini.
Surat keterangan akselerasi klik di sini atau di sini.
Panduan Pengisian Formulir klik di sini atau di sini.
Video Panduan Pengisian Formulir
2. Isilah formulir pendaftaran dengan mengacu kepada Dokumen dan Video Panduan Pengisian Formulir.Berikut beberapa contoh dokumen yang bisa menjadi acuan kamu:
Contoh formulir yang telah diisi
Contoh Surat Keterangan Kepala Sekolah
3. Lengkapi formulir pendaftaran serta siapkan kelengkapan dokumen yang dibutuhkan.
4. Serahkan 2 (dua) rangkap formulir yang telah diisi dan ditandatangani ke Sekretariat Chapter Jakarta. Tanda tangan yang tercantum harus asli (tidak boleh fotocopy) dan diserahkan dalam dua buah map biru Diamond.
5. Sebelum mengembalikan formulir, pastikan kamu telah memenuhi checklist yang terdapat di halaman terakhir formulir pendaftaran. Periksa kembali formulir dan dokumen yang dibutuhkan. Jumlah dokumen yang diperlukan hanya seperti yang tercantum, tidak perlu dirangkap dua.
4. Mohon pastikan agar hasil cetakan/ print-out terbaca dengan jelas. Tulisan tangan harus rapi dan bisa dibaca.
5. Formulir dikembalikan oleh siswa yang bersangkutan (tidak boleh diwakilkan) dengan membayar biaya pendaftaran Rp. 40.000,- di Jl. Limau No.22, Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130, pada:
Sabtu dan Minggu tanggal 19, 20, 26, 27 Maret, 2, 3, 9,10, 16, dan 17 April
Pk. 10.00 - 16.00
(Pengembalian juga dibuka di SMAN 2 Tangerang Selatan, pada hari-hari yang akan diinformasikan selanjutnya)
6. Kamu baru resmi terdaftar sebagai peserta seleksi pendaftaran jika kamu sudah mengembalikan formulir dan mendapat Kartu Tanda Peserta Seleksi. Jadi jangan lupa mengembalikan formulirnya ya .
7. Hari terakhir pengembalian formulir adalah tanggal 17 April.
Kalau di sekolah kamu ada kakak-kakak returnee program AFS/YES/ Jenesys, kamu bisa menanyakan langsung perihal program ini kepada mereka. Namun jika sekolah kamu ingin didatangi untuk mendapatkan presentasi mengenai kegiatan program/ pendaftaran seleksi ini, kamu bisa meninggalkan komentar di situs ini atau menghubungi Kak Wendy di 081310107638.
Informasi mengenai program dan FAQ akan dibuat dalam posting berikutnya. Jika kamu bingung, kamu bisa bertanya ke Kak Abimantrana (08159659532) dan Kak Wendy (081310107638). Jangan SMS ya, menelepon saja agar penjelasannya bisa lebih menyeluruh. Mohon juga untuk menelepon pada jam kerja, ya. Kak Wendy dan Kak Abi telah bersedia menyediakan waktu mereka di sela kegiatan perkuliahan dan pekerjaan mereka antara Pk. 09.00 - 19.00 (9 pagi - 7 malam)
The fun is actually on. Can't wait to meet you with your application !


Hai semuanya. Tanggal 14 Maret - 17 April Chapter Jakarta membuka pendaftaran bagi siswa kelas X/1 SMA/ SMK/MA/sederajat boleh mendaftar untuk program pertukaran pelajar yang seru ini . Mau tau lebih banyak tentang program ini? Semoga tanya-jawab ini bisa membantu ya.

1. Apa sih AFS dan Bina Antarbudaya?
AFS adalah salah satu program pertukaran pelajar. Di Indonesia AFS punya rekan namanya Bina Antarbudaya yang setiap tahun memberangkatkan siswa SMA dari berbagai latar belakang budaya, ekonomi, etnis ke berbagai negara di dunia. Bina Antarbudaya berbasis relawan dengan 15 chapter di seluruh Indonesia: Banda Aceh, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Bogor, Bandung, Jakarta, Karawang, Semarang, Jogja, Malang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar, dan Samarinda.

2. Siapa yang boleh mendaftar?
Semua siswa yang duduk di kelas X/1 SMA/ SMK/MA saat mendaftar boleh mengikuti seleksi. Kandidat akan dipilih melalui tiga tahap seleksi. Pendaftaran tidak dibuka untuk siswa kelas XI/2 SMA

3. Saya siswa akselerasi, boleh mendaftar?
Boleh. Tapi jangan lupa isi Surat Keterangan Akselerasi ya. Surat ini hanya untuk mereka yang saat ini sedang mengikuti program akselerasi, kalau kamu aksel waktu SMP tidak perlu melampirkan surat ini .

4. Wah, susah ya pakai seleksi. Memang tahapannya apa saja?
Setiap chapter akan melakukan rangkaian proses yang sama:
Seleksi Tahap I: Pengetahuan Umum, Bahasa Inggris, dan Essay Bahasa Indonesia - 1 Mei 2011
Seleksi Tahap II: Wawancara Kepribadian dan English Interview - 29 Mei 2011
Seleksi Tahap III: Dinamika Kelompok - TBC
Tahap Nasional: Seleksi Berkas
Untuk Program YES tambahan Seleksi Nasional.

5. Musti rangking dong?
Nilai raport dan performa akademis hanya menjadi salah satu elemen penilaian kami, tapi bukan satu-satunya. Tidak semua siswa yang rangking berhasil menjadi kandidat, tetapi semua yang menjadi kandidat pastinya berhasil menunjukkan mereka pintar dengan karakter mereka masing-masing.

6. Musti jago Bahasa Inggris dong?
Kamu belum tentu ditempatkan di negara berbahasa Inggris, jadi kesempurnaan berbahasa Inggris bukan yang kami cari. Selama kamu bisa menunjukkan kamu bisa berkomunikasi (setidaknya) dengan keterbatasan bahasa yang ada, seharusnya tidak ada masalah. Menurut pengalaman di negara tujuan selain bahasa, akan ada halangan budaya, kebiasaan, dan lainnya. Jadi setidaknya kami bisa memulai dari yang paling sederhana, kan?

7. Program pertukaran pelajarnya ke mana saja?
Kami ada 8 pilihan negara: Amerika Serikat, Jepang, Swiss, Jerman, Italia, Perancis, Norwegia, Belanda, dan Belgia. Untuk siswa akselerasi, pilihan negara hanya: Jerman, Jepang, Italia, Belgia, dan Belanda (referring ke Surat Pernyataan Akselerasi). FYI, kamu boleh memberi rekomendasi negara pilihan kamu saat telah menjadi kandidat, tetapi penempatan kamu di mana tergantung keputusan Dewan Juri Nasional dan kuota setiap negara.

8. Memang berapa yang terpilih untuk berangkat?
Kuota setiap tahun berbeda dan ini ditentukan banyak hal. Tetapi, jumlah siswa yang diberangkatkan dari seluruh Chapter untuk semua program ada di kisaran 80-100 siswa per tahunnya.

9. Tunggu, ini pasti ada biayanya dong?
Bina Antarbudaya adalah program nirlaba yang bergerak di bidang pertukaran budaya. Kami memastikan, bahwa siswa/siswi yang kami kirim merupakan siswa/i terbaik yang terpilih melalui seleksi, tanpa memandang latar belakang ekonominya. Dan siswa Indonesia yang layak berangkat datang dari berbagai keadaan ekonomi. Untuk saat ini biaya yang perlu kamu pikirkan hanyalah biaya pendaftaran Rp. 40.000,-. Beranikan diri kamu untuk mendaftar dan fokuskan diri untuk melewati setiap tahapan seleksi. Kalau kamu memang kandidat yang layak untuk berangkat, kami akan berusaha semampu kami agar kamu bisa berangkat walaupun ada keterbatasan biaya. Selama ini kami juga mencarikan sponsor dan melakukan subsidi silang dengan kandidat yang secara ekonomi lebih mampu.

10. Ah, tetap saja musti bayar kan, saya tidak akan mampu!
It breaks our heart to see if financial situation hinder you from applying, cause we will never know what you've got if you don't apply. Sekali lagi, ikuti tahapan seleksi dan tunjukkan kepada kami kamu layak berangkat. Kakak-kakak returnee yang sudah ada, datang dari berbagai keterbatasan ekonomi dan mereka berhasil menunjukkan kemampuan mereka dan akhirnya berangkat:). Seneng kan, kalau itu terjadi:).

11. Memangnya tidak ada beasiswa?
Program Bina Antarbudaya pada dasarnya adalah program beasiswa yang terbagi menjadi beasiswa parsial/ penuh. Di host country, host family dan sekolah melakukannya dengan sukarela.Kami memiliki berbagai sponsor untuk membantu pendanaan program ini dan memastikan siswa Indonesia bisa mengalami pengalaman antarbudaya. Sponsor kami datang dari berbagai perusahaan, individu, pemerintahan negara tujuan, dll.

12. Beasiswa yang ada apa saja?
Program YES : disediakan oleh US State Department untuk negara dengan populasi muslim yang signifikan. Pemilihan dilakukan lewat seleksi di tingkat nasional bagi kandidat chapter yang telah dipilih.
Telkomsel School Community(TSC)-AFS Scholarship: kandidat nasional yang adalah anggota TSC akan diajukan untuk menerima beasiswa ini. Kamu bisa mendaftar sebagai TSC dengan:Ketik "SEKOLAH SCHOOL ID" dan kirim ke 4545 atau kirim identitas diri dan sekolah kamu melalui e-mail ke tsc@telkomsel.co.id

13. Apa saya bisa memilih lebih dari satu program?
Bisa, seperti halnya pemilihan negara, kamu boleh memberikan rekomendasi program yang kamu inginkan, tetapi keputusan penempatan program bergantung kepada hasil tahapan seleksi dan rekomendasi tim juri. Program yang kami tawarkan di tahun ini:
AFS: Program pertukaran pelajar selama 11 bulan ke sembilan negara: Amerika Serikat, Jepang, Jerman, Belanda, Swiss, Norwegia, Italia, Perancis, Belgia.Keberangkatan : Maret (Jepang) & Agustus / September (Eropa & A.S) ; Waktu Kedatangan:Februari(Jepang) & Juli (tahun berikutnya)
The Kennedy-Lugar YES Program: Program beasiswa pertukaran pelajar dari US State Department bagi pelajar dari negara dengan populasi penduduk Muslim yang signifikan. Pelajar dari tingkat chapter akan melalui seleksi tambahan di tingkat nasional sebelum akhirnya terpilih dalam program ini. Selama 11 bulan siswa akan tinggal dan melalui kehidupan sebagai pelajar di berbagai negara bagian di Amerika Serikat dalam menjalani misi pemahaman budaya. Berangkat: Agustus, Kepulangan: Juli tahun berikutnya
JENESYS Year Program: Program beasiswa dari Pemerintah Jepang melalui AFS Jepang yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan pemahaman dan kerjasama antara masyarakat Jepang dengan negara-negara di Asia Pasifik. Berangkat: Maret, Kepulangan: Februari.

14. Saya tidak tinggal di Jakarta, apa saya masih bisa mendaftar?
Ya, kamu bisa mendaftar ke chapter yang paling dekat dengan tempat tinggal kamu. Daftar chapter bisa kamu lihat di sini. Ingat, cari yang paling memudahkan kamu, karena selama proses pendaftaran hingga akhirnya terpilih sangat mungkin kamu diminta untuk datang ke chapter setempat. Kalau kamu merasa akses yang termudah adalah ke Jakarta, kamu boleh saja mendaftar di Chapter Jakarta. Tanggal pendaftaran di setiap chapter berbeda-beda, harap menghubungi chapter masing-masing secara langsung mengenai jadwal yang lebih akurat.

15. Lalu sekolah saya di sini?
Kami akan meminta kamu untuk mengajukan cuti sekolah bila sudah mendapatkan penempatan. AFS adalah school based program, tetapi bukan academic oriented program. Kami meminta setiap exchange student yang sudah menyelesaikan program dengan Bina Antarbudaya untuk kembali ke sekolah masing-masing dan meneruskan proses edukasi mereka sembari membagikan pembelajaran dan pemahaman budaya lewat keseharian di lingkungan terdekat termasuk sekolah.

16. Apa program ini diketahui oleh Dinas Pendidikan?
Ya. Tetapi karena Bina Antarbudaya adalah yayasan independen yang tidak tertaut dengan institusi mana pun. Kami secara resmi menginformasikan perihal program ini kepada Departemen Pendidikan Nasional karena program ini berbasis sekolah, sesuatu yang berhubungan erat dengan Depdiknas. Namun, dalam pelaksanaannya, program ini dilakukan secara independen.
Semoga cukup ya. Kalau kamu tinggal di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, langsung saja unduh formulir dan ikuti tahapannya lalu mendaftar ke Chapter Jakarta. Kami tunggu ya!:)

Ayo adik-adik, teman-teman, semuanya DARE TO DREAM!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

100 Last Days


Ya, tanggal 20 Maret kemaren disini sudah resmi Spring. Tapi tau nggak? Hari pertama Spring di Vermont malah bersalju. Begitulah hidup di Vermont, cuaca ngga terduga.

Entah siapa yang mulai, tapi di Facebook bertebaran status "100 last days of our exchange year".


Ngga kerasa banget ya? Kayaknya baru kemaren gw terkagum-kagum norak pas pertama kali menapak keluar dari Dulles, D.C dan ngerasain yang namanya tanah Amerika. Baru kemaren nganga karena dimana-mana bule (konyol sih, tapi gitudeh :p) Baru kemaren ngobrol sama counselor tentang pelajaran apa yg mesti diambil. Dan itu ternyata udah 7 bulan yang lalu. Wow.

100 hari.


It makes me think...how much have I accomplished while I'm in here?

Jujur aja, gw sempet 'lupa' sama misi gue kesini. Sempet 'terlena' sama kehidupan disini...sibuk sekolah, club, dll. I'm not a perfect example of exchange student. I have flaws. Problems. Down point. Mistakes. But hey, at least, I tried. I learned. I learned a lot here. About people, about the world, and the most important....about myself.

About myself? Yes! Seperti yang gue kayaknya pernah curhat di belakang-belakang tentang gimana gue ngeliat diri gue sendiri 'ditelanjangi' sama kehidupan disini. Rasanya....indescribable. Gue belajar sangat,sangat banyak. Prosesnya gimana? Susah. Sakit. Stressful. Tapi gue belajar.

Sekarang, tergantung guenya mau gimana. Mau berubah, apa bertahan sama diri gue yg dulu? Mau maju, apa jalan di tempat. Semuanya tergantung gue, like any other things that happened and will happen in my life. Depends on, me. I'm the one who's in charge about me and my happiness. So do you!

Kedengerannya egois emang, ngomongin diri sendiri melulu. But I believe, before I try to change the world, I should change myself first to the way I want it to be. Gak mungkin kan gue nyuruh orang belajar padahal guenya masih sibuk main-main?

I'll see ya lata, aligata!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

After we're done with the musical play The Sound of Music last October, for winter play finally Mr. Foley decided to do Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. We started working since December and this week during January 26th until January 29th, we've successfully performed A Midsummer Night's Dream for 6 times.

Oke, jadi pas pertama dikasih tau winter play tahun ini bakalan Shakespeare's, gue bengong karna gue ga ngerti ceritanya. Akhirnya gue audisi dan makasih untuk lidah yang masih berantakan, gue cuman dapet peran sebagai attendantnya Hippolyta. Bodo amat sih tapi hehe. Pas pertama kali rehearsal dan dapet script, gue bengong. WOI SHAKESPEARE KOK KALIMATNYA ANEH-ANEH SIH? Tapi untungnya bukan cuman gue yang ga ngerti rata-rata pada ga ngerti juga kok haha. Akhirnya kita rehearsal tiap hari dan Mr Foley nerangin makna dari tiap lines supaya masuk akal kalo diomongin.

Oke, jadi A Midsummer Night's Dream itu sendiri bergenre komedi. Dengan setting dalam hutan dan di Athena, ada 3 bagian penting dalam cerita ini. Oke. Pertama, the lovers. Alkisah di Athena ada 2 sahabat Hermia dan Helena. Hermia punya pacar namanya Lysander, tapi bokapnya Hermia si Egeus gak setuju dan lebih pengen ngejodohin Hermia sama Demetrius, yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah pujaan hati Helena. Raja dan ratu di Athena saat itu, Theseus dan Hippolyta, gak mendukung Hermia dan Lysander juga.Demetrius sendiri lebih suka sama Hermia daripada Helena. Karena cinta ga direstui, Hermia dan Lysander memilih kabur ke hutan. Demetrius, gak terima Hermia pergi sama Lysander, memutuskan untuk ngikutin mereka ke hutan. Helena yang agak obsesif sama Demetrius pun ngekor dibelakang. Oke, the lovers kita simpan disini dulu.

Kedua, adalah the mechanicals. Jadi ada sekelompok pria-pria yang mendengar pengumuman bahwa Theseus dan Hippolyta membuka audisi buat pertunjukan di istana. Mereka adalah Peter Quince, Nick Bottom, Francis Flute, Robin Starveling, Tom Snout, and Snug. Mereka memutuskan bakal ngelakuin pertunjukan drama. Quince bertindak sebagai director. Bottom, yang paling kocak diantara mereka semua, bakal menjadi Pyramus. Flute menjadi Thisby, seorang wanita. Starveling jadi Moonshine, Snout jadi The Wall, dan Snug jadi lion. Nah, mereka memutuskan untuk latihan dalam hutan. Kita simpan lagi.

Ketiga, adalah the fairies. Oberon, si Fairy king, lagi berantem sama Titania si fairy queen rebutan anak ajaib. Oberon, dibantu asistennya yang jail bernama Puck, berusaha membuat Titania tunduk dengan cara menaruh cairan dari bunga ajaib di mata Titania ketika dia tidur, dan dia bakal jatuh cinta sama siapapun orang pertama yang dia liat. Oiya, kerajaan fairy ini letaknya di dalam hutan yang sama dimana the lovers tersesat dan the mechanicals latihan. Kita simpan disini ya.

Oke, jadi suatu hari, Titania ceritanya lagi tidur di hutan ketika Puck menemukan bunganya dan Oberon mengusapkan bunganya di mata Titania, kemudian mereka pergi. Di saat yang sama, Lysander dan Hermia tiba di tempat itu (mereka gabisa liat the fairies) dan mereka tertidur di tempat terpisah. Pas mereka tidur, Puck dateng dan melihat pasangan ini dan secara dia masih punya bunga yang sama, dengan jailnya dia usapin bunga itu dimata Lysander dan dia pergi. Ga berapa lama muncullah Demetrius sama Helena lagi berantem, dimana Helena tergila-gila sama Demetrius sampe bilang "I'm your spaniel" Tapi sayangnya Demetrius ga peduli dan dia pergi. Helena yang kesel, ngeliat Lysander tidur dan dia ngebangunin Lysander. Walhasil Lysander jatuh cinta sama Helena. Helena yang bingung akhirnya kabur dan Lysander ngikut, ninggalin Hermia sendirian di hutan, kebingungan dan akhirnya doi pergi untuk nyari Lysander.

Pada saat yang sama, the mechanicals baru tiba. Mereka latihan buat drama play mereka. Nah lagi lagi si jail Puck beraksi, dia ngubah Bottom jadi keledai. Ngeliat Bottom berubah, temen-temennya cabut ketakutan. Jadilah Bottom sendiri di hutan. Supaya ga takut, doi nyanyi nyanyi dan nyanyiannya ngebangunin Titania. NAH LOH! Jatuh cinta deh Titania sama Bottom si keledai. Dibantu peri perinya, jadilah Bottom pergi sama para peri. Nah kemudian Oberon bertanya-tanya kenapa Titania belom jatuh hati juga sama dia, dan saat Oberon dan Puck lagi ngobrol, datenglah the lovers dan mereka berantem, antara Helena dan Hermia. Kebongkarlah kejailan si Puck dan Oberon nyuruh Puck buat ngebenerin semuanya. Jadinya, Puck bikin the lovers tidur bareng di tengah kabut (mereka ga nyadar kalo mereka bareng) dan ngusapin bunga lain ke mata mereka. Sementara itu, Titania yg lagi asik bobo bareng Bottom di "sembuhin" sama Oberon dan walhasil Titania heboh sendiri kenapa doi tidur sama keledai. Dan kemudian Puck ngubah Bottom jadi manusia lagi. Bottom pun reunian kembali sama teman-temannya. Selanjutnya, diadakan pesta besar-besaran di istana di Athena, dimana the mechanical menjadi pengisi acaranya. It was my favorite part! Play yg dimainin the mechanicals juga khas Shakespeare banget, ujung-ujungnya mati semua tapi yaampun ini lucunya bukan main. Akhirnya semua idup bahagia :)

Jadi kurang lebih begitulah isi cerita Midsummer Night's Dream. Sehabis kita kelar malam terakhir, seperti biasa dooong, CAST PARTY!! Kali ini di rumah Ashley Holley. Gue nebeng Hannah (lagi!) bareng Alexis dan Rachelle, sempet berenti di Cumby's buat beli slushee (padahal malem buta) trus di rumah Ashley ya gitu nongkrang nongkrong aja ketawa-tawa haha akhir nya gue tidur di kamar Ashley (yang ukurannya normal) bersama 9 orang lain : Heather Miles Ashley Moiz Laci Shay Michelle Kyle Josalyn dan Sienna. Kebayang gak seseknya kayak apa haha walaupun belom seheboh cast party The Sound of Music sih. Keesokan paginya kita sarapan segala junkfood yg ada lalu nonton Black Swan (dimana nyokapnya Ashley selalu masuk di saat yg salah, semua orang jejeritan) dilanjutkan Star Wars (semua orang semangat parah ngejelasin ke gw) lalu pulangnya nebeng Ana. Yah, begitulah....another memorable things here :)

The lovers. Emily as Helena, Brendan as Demetrius, Erin as Hermia and Madison as Lysander.

Pasangan favorit; Heather as Puck and Miles as Oberon

The fairies!! Loving their pretty outfit, wings and fabulous makeup! Alexis, Sienna, Rachelle, Alaina, Hannah, Zoe, Sara, Ashley dan yg duduk itu Jillian as Titania.

My costume as attendant wahaha. Love the wreath, tho!

The mechanicals. (ki-ka) Peter Quince, Francis Flute, Bottom, Snug, Starveling, Snout.

All the castttt on final night! It was fun guys <3

Spring play kali ini kita bakal mainin The Arabian Night!! SUPER PUMPED!!



Sunday, January 23, 2011

This I Believe

"This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. More than 90,000 of these essays, written by people from all walks of life, are archived here on our website, heard on public radio, chronicled through our books, and featured in weekly podcasts. The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow"

(This following essay is my personal "This I Believe" that I submitted to my English class with Mrs. Amy Thivierge as the teacher)

I believe in trying.

Before I’m applying to my exchange students program, it took me a long time to decide whether to apply or not. I spent so much time thinking about it; all I did was busy counting the consequences, calculating chances, and wondering every possibilities. What will happen if I fail? If I get accepted and need to leave my life, am I ready for it? All those things floated in my mind for weeks until I came up with absolute decision: Why don’t I just try?

Then here I am, sitting in my room, where I can see the snow from my window and listening to my host family’s conversation out in the kitchen. Now I’m wondering what would it be if I didn’t try? I wouldn’t be here, in the United States, and met all the amazing people and got all the unbelievably great experiences. I realized that my worries before I decided are normal, but still, it shouldn’t let the fear interfere my decision.

Taking decision to finally try to do something is like the moment when you’re standing in the edge of the pool and thinking: Should I jump or not? Some people will take a moment to think, and some other will just jump. Some will refuse to jump; some will finally jump after thinking for hours. And they end up the same; just in the same pool, but only the matter of time. So why do we want to waste our time to worrying so much?

Now I realized that worrying so much isn’t worth my time. It is a part of me, it’s natural to worry about things, but I’ve learned that I will never know if I never try. Besides, chances won’t come twice; I will never know when I will get another chance to do this thing again. Failure and mistakes; I decided not to let them have too much space inside my brain. Failure and making mistakes is humane. Nothing to be ashamed for; at least I’ve tried. I took one step forward than them who didn’t try at all. The first time I made mistake is a fault, but the second time is a choice. I believe in trying.

(Feel free to check the official website; thisibelieve.org)


First Night Burlington!

Walaupun sangat telat, saya mengucapkan selamat tahun baru 2011 buat siapapun pengunjung blog ini :)

Oke sekarang mau cerita tentang "gimana sih taun baru di Amerika?"

Kalo taun lalu gue gegilaan sama anak-anak ke Bandung, taun ini gue "nyasar" cukup jauh (hehe) ke Burlington, VT, yang diklaim sama host family gue sebagai kota terbesar di Vermont. Sempet debat dikit apakah Burlington bisa dipanggil "city" soalnya well, emang ga gede gede banget sih. Imut malah, cuman jelas punya lebih banyak toko daripada Bennington. Jadilah setelah acara natal yang gagal di Boston (yang berakhir ngendon di rumah), kita cabs ke Burlington tanggal 30.

Oke. Selama perjalanan, gue nulis di diary pemberian Aunt Linda yang cutie abis sambil dengerin musik, dan cengar cengir kaya orang gila mengingat masa lalu. Eh terus kita berhenti di Darkin Farm, jadi kayak toko makanan gitu yg home made dibuat di tempat itu juga. Kenapa kita berhenti disitu? Karena kita mau nyobain sample!!! Haha mereka punya banyak free sample dan semuanya yummmyyyy :D kesukaan gue mungkin spicy jelly, gue ampe bolak balik kesitu :) tapi honey butter nya juga mantap aduh gue ngiler kan jadinya. Pulang dari situ nyokap beliin maple covered popcorn yang enak banget dan adiktif dan sekeluarga comot comotan sepanjang perjalanan huahaha. Lalu sebelum berhenti ke hotel, kita mampir ke toko tanaman yang cukup besar dimana gue Zoe dan Kati malah foto-foto. Terus kita cabs ke hotel yang imut sederhana tapi kamarnya besar coy. Gak mewah, tapi memadai.I got my own couch! Yay. Terus tiduran bentar, gue nulis di laptop bentar, lalu cabs untuk makan malam di sebuah restoran bernama American Flatbread. Mereka punya homemade beer dimana bokap gue adalah penggemar berat beer jadi kita kesitu deh dan sukses nunggu antrian sampe 45 menit. Keren sih sistemnya kita dikasih kayak remote bentuk pizza ada lampunya, kalo lampunya nyala berarti kita dapet tempat yay. Trus karna bosen gue Kati dan Zoe dan Dad malah main game, game dari novel Stargirl dimana kita bikin cerita tentang orang-orang disekitar kita yang sumpah kocak parah. Trus datanglah si American Flatbread yang, hmm, biasa aja sih buat gue wakaka gak special special banget. Oke. Trus abis puas makan kita jalan kaki ke deretan toko-toko. Berhenti di toko buku bekas. Trus berhenti lagi di Ben and Jerry's. Gue mesen strawberry cheesecake flavor ice cream dan nyummm enyaaak :9 alhamdulillah. Abis itu cabut pulang bobo.

Tanggal 31!
Hari terakhir di 2010. Gue bangun, mandi, sarapan, bla bla bla sampe akhirnya cabut jam 9-an. Berhasil nelpon Gori Ncek Lucky Dira. Pertama cabs ke Barnes & Noble soalnya Kati punya segudang gift card yang pengen doi pake jadi kesana deh. Selama disana gue malah baca bukunya Lauren Conrad yang Style gratisan hahaha. Lumayan dapet ilmu. Oke trus kita cabs dan ngedrop Mom buat beli "button" (wujudnya bukan kancing tapi pin) buat ikutan event bernama First Night Burlington, atraksi utama di Burlington. Jadi ada banyak event tersebar sepanjang hari sampe tengah malem, dan button nya itu semacem tiket terusan jadi tinggal nunjukin button lo. Kecuali beberapa atraksi macam sirkus dan taiko, mereka butuh tiket terpisah yang cuman $2-$3 aja. Oke, disini suasana mulai gaje soalnya bokap ngiter-ngiter nyari parkiran dan nyokap gue panik takut nyasar....eng ing eng. Tapi akhirnya berakhir baik, kita makan di foodcourt bekal yg kita bawa berupa sisa flatbread, pretzel,hummus, celery, dan beberapa random food tapi alhamdulillah tetep. Trus abis makan event pertama yang kita kunjungi adalah Show Choir! A la Glee gitu sih, mayan lah not bad. Gak amazing tapi gak jelek juga. Trus abis itu kita cabs buat nonton dance tapi gagal karna udah penuh, jadi kita jalan balik dan nongkrongin jazz music yang errr, ngebosenin haha.. Setelah dari situ, kita buru buru cabut ke tempat sirkus biar dapet tempat. DAN SIRKUSNYA KEREN COY. mantap lah, lumayan bikin nganga dan ada cowok imuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut banget di group sirkusnya haha maaf genit. Abis nonton sirkus kita balik lagi ke tempat dance dan alhamdulillah dapet tempat, walaupun dancenya sendiri biasa aja hahah. Trus kan gue sama Kati dan Mom turun ke basement mau pipis, EEEH ADA GOVERNORNYA VERMONT AJA GITULOH DIBAWAH. jadi nyokap memperkenalkan gue dan kita foto bareng dan gue dikasih kartu nama hahaha makasih :) (later on, minggu depannya doi lengser wuakaka tapi kan tetep) lalu lalu kita keluar buat nonton parade yang lumayan laaah keren. Trus makan malem di restoran yang lelet minta ampun tapi makanannya enak alhamdulillah. Trus abis dari situ kita nonton Taiko ( seni dari Jepang mukul mukul gendang) dan selama di antrian kita ngomongin cowok sambil makanin rice krispies treat hehe. Trus nonton taiko yang keren meskipun agak membosankan, trus kita ke event Sambatucada! alias dance ala Brazilian. Secara bokap gue gila dance, jadi kita stay disana. Gue sempet joget ampe capek trus akhirnya duduk diem soalnya baru nyadar lagi dapet dan joget joget hasilnya perut keram. Trus kita jalan keluar ke danau yang gue lupa namanya apa buat liat kembang api dan sayangnya hujan wooo penonton kecewa. Tapi tetep keren alhamdulilaah lagi lagi. Trus kita capek dan pulang, tidur.


Bangun,mandi, sarapan, pulang dan tiba dengan selamat di rumah. Liburan berakhir, ucapkan Alhamdulillah :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!

the parade

taiko performance

with (former) governor jim douglas :)

the circus. See the guy in grey shirt? THAT'S HIM!

Circus Smirkus :D

the button

strawberry cheesecake ice cream @ Ben & Jerry's

Homemade beer list

at the botanical shop

maple kettle corn :9

maaf fotonya ngacak, males nyusun hehhe :)

I'll see ya soon!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New York City Pics