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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Time

When I have my own place,

I will invite my friends. One group at a time.

(Yes, I am blessed with so many friends from many different circles)

I will serve them iced tea in a clear pitcher
Fragrant from the lemon slices

As they chat over the iced tea,
I will be busy preparing appetizer. Cutting, assembling, presenting.

As they munch on the appetizer, I move forward to start cooking main course. Stirring, checking, flipping, shaking.

And I will serve them a garden in a big wooden bowl, fresh and crunchy.
And I will fill their plate with creamyness, juicyness, and umami.

((Refilling the iced tea))

As we chat about life, love, work, career, family, philosophy,

I will be scooping and plating
Smooth, rich, decadent.

Good time with good friends. I can taste it. I can feel it. I can smell the flowers in the vase I put on top of the fridge. I can feel the heat radiate from a good friend. I can feel the tingling; I want to laugh at the yet unknown joke at the time.

Ah, life. I can't wait to embrace you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I long to be... delicate.

I dream of flying into the vast blue horizon.

I dream of jumping into the arms of the loved ones.

I dream of floating around like seeds of dandelions during summer.

I dream of hugging myself in your loose sweater.

I dream of being lifted off my feet by joy,

I dream of being held.

I dream to be dainty and delicate

I dream to be fragile;

I dream to be breakable;

And only then, I can begin to trust you.