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Monday, July 19, 2010

9 Days

Well hi guys. Sorry I broke my promise to update this blog regularly, I've been busy lately hehe :D

A few weeks ago, I just got a confirmation letter, that I'm one of the YES to USA candidate from Indonesia. And received another letter about my schedule. The National Orientation will be started on 29th July, 2010. Means = 9 days to go from now.

I never realized how fast time could go without we noticing it. Like, now.

I have to packing all my stuffs ( and it's really a big amount of stuff, I will be going and stay abroad for ONE YEAR, again, ONE YEAR.)I have to prepare all the tasks, like presentation, essay leadership, and etc. Lots of things to do, but so little time left. All I can do now is enjoy every second I have in here, keep praying to the Almighty, may Allah be with me ( and I know He will).

I miss my friends. I miss my high school mates. I miss all the hectic weekdays as a student. I miss all the jokes,all the laughter, all the smile I see in my school.

9 Days. I promise, I will make this last 9 days worth it.

And I will prepare myself, completely, to face all the things, to take all the risks, of living abroad, far away from my comfort zone, from my family, from my surroundings.


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