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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


April is National Poetry Month in the United States and last April, as I took English class for my first block, we did poetry for a whole month. From reading, interpreting, until writing. It was a lot of fun, I should say. I read a lot of interesting poems in such a broad variety of topic, writing style, diction, imagery, even shape. And here, today, I will post some of my original poem that I made myself. Pardon my English, it's just for fun :)

(P.S : it's a series)
A Human’s Life

A series of poem about things and days

under the roof;

The Brush’s Tale

Ah, here she awake.

I know in a second she will be gone to the bathroom

she’ll rinse her lovely oval face

And unsoiled her small little mouth

she’ll put on her usual piece; denim and tee

and here she comes; she’ll come to grab me.

her marbly soft palm grips me tight

lifts me up to meet those my friends; who

nap and live on her top.

Hello good friends, let me untangled you

With my thin fingers and legs

Let me straighten through your jungle

That would adjoin charm and shine

to the lovely facade of yours

Breakfast Diary

Warm spicy air breathing in the air,waking

up sleepers from their temporary sweet doze

dancing utensils are all ready

those loved ones sit sweet and tight

Can we start eating yet?

Morning Conversation

“darling what’s your plan today”

“daddy I want more cereal”

“would you please hand me the butter?”

“this orange juice is so good!”

“…about last night….,”

“I love you baby.”

“I have to leave.”

“don’t forget your lunch sweety.”

“we need to talk.”

“will you marry me?”

Kiss and slaps, hugs and tears, together and apart

All comes in harmony with the clinks from the dancing utensils

Eulogy at the Door

" I love you"

An universal saying that epitomize every hidden fondness and showed off hatred

because it all roots to one whisper in their prayer : I care.

to be continued



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