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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More on Life

It's June already!

Wow. It's been a year since I got back home from my amazing, life-changing exchange year in the U.S. A lot of things have changed in my life ever since. Just thought I'd put some updates of my current life on here :)

1. Graduated high school.
    Finally! I'm done with high school, forever. It was dull and not too appealing at first-considering the fact I just came back from an adventure and all my friends have gone to college- but it turned out just as good as how I picture my senior year would be like. I made new friends, we had fun, I got some pretty okay grades, but the bottom line is I had fun! Graduation was okay because my mood swung back and forth (thanks to hormones) but I loved my hairdo and I am now tied to the salon I reserved for my graduation hairdo because  the place is just so cute and comfy and everything. My new favorite place to go on weekend :)

2. Yay future!
   Alhamdulillah, Praise Allah, I got accepted to University of Indonesia for Communication Science major. I am very excited to finally get to college. Some of my friends from AFS/YES are also in UI and I am just so happy to get to see them again, now on regular basis since we go to the same campus! Now I have more or less than two months of do-nothing since academic year will be started on late August. Gonna make it big, I swear.

3. Driving, oh yeah.
   It's probably nothing for some people, but it's not for me. Finally my parents let me drive on my own! I have my license since 2 years ago, but they never actually let me drive by myself. But finally yes,yes,yes and I love it. I love my me-time when I drive and put shuffle on my iPod (the only bummer is that I can't seem to connect my iPod to my car's speaker! But I'm grateful though that I can charge my phone and iPod on my car just because I can't on the other car, and for a lousy and a professional procrastinator like me it is really useful and handy because I can just charge my phone on my way to wherever I'm heading!). There's so many crazy adventures I had already, can't wait for what's coming next!

I think those are all the pretty major updates in my life for now. I'd love to write some books and/or movies review I've seen lately sometimes soon. Catch ya later!



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