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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beauty Thoughts : Gizi Super Cream


Today I'm going to talk about.... jeng jeng jeng


Does anybody know this brand? Gizi Super Cream apparently is an old favorite in Indonesia. I've only heard about this product quite recently though through Kak Vani Sagita 's blog (lookie here) but she wrote about the product in the jar packaging. I have been intrigued to try the product ever since, because she gave great review on it, but never really got to actually try. Besides back then it's quite hard for me to get my hand on the product. 

A couple months ago, I was reached by Female Daily and was offered to try their new products! There's one more product which is the Daily Natural Lightening Foam Cleanser, which I love, but I've used it up to the last bit, so it's not photogenic enough to be featured here :P

Gizi Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18 - Gizi Daily Nutrition Cream
I got them all in the new tube packaging which is way more convenient in my opinion than the jar. They come in separate boxes, and the boxes are quite sturdy! The packaging is neat and clean that I think people dig lately, it gives the modern vibe. For the cream they're pretty much the same product except for the SPF in it.

Daily Nutrition Cream
Krim pelembab wajah dengan tekstur yang sangat lembut dan ringan yang terbuat dari 7 bahan Herbal Indonesia. Dengan teknologi nano, krim lebih cepat meresap ke dalam kulit sehingga lebih efektif dalam memberi nutrisi, membantu melembabkan lebih lama, menghaluskan, mencerahkan kulit dan melindungi kulit dari efek buruk sinar UV.
Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18
Krim pelembab wajah yang dibuat dari 7 bahan herbal Indonesia yang disempurnakan dengan SPF 18 untuk memberikan perlindungan maksimal terhadap sinar matahari (UV).

The texture of these two are pretty similar, but I feel that the non SPF one is thinner and easier for the skin to absorb. They have quite a heavy scent to them, but I happen to find the scent really nice, it's quite sweet yet still fresh. I like using the non SPF one as alternative for my night cream, but make sure your face is ready for a cream product like this (meaning toned them properly) because I found that if I just slab it on my skin it's not absorbing fast enough. Once it's absorbed, my skin feels soft and leaves no greasy residue at all. In the morning, my skin feels supple and refreshed as if it just fed on a nutritional meal :D *pun intended*

Meanwhile, for the SPF one I don't use it as my day cream because I personally never use day cream; all I use daily are  light moisturizer and sun block. I also think that the SPF of 18 is not quite enough for daily use (I use SPF 50 for daily). But I use this when I'm at home where I don't get much exposure to the sun. I also like using it on my arms or anywhere in my body where I have scars or insect's bite! It really works; it soothes the skin and helps fading the mark like magic.

So all in all I think Gizi products are great and worth to try! And now they can be found like anywhere, Even there's a store 5 minutes away from my home that sells these. 

Find more about Gizi products here 

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