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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Addicted !

Currently I'm so in loveeeee with THE SIMS 2 (again)

eventhough The Sims 3 will rock our PC on 2nd June but since the requirements is too hard (& too expensive) for me, my heart still stick on The Sims 2.

ah and I found so manymany cute skins to be downloaded !! I prefer dress-up the toddler & children than teenager or adult because they're so cuteeeee !

actually, I'm searching for haircuts for them,anyone know which sites provide it? Go tell me,then.

p.s : i love these sites ! check them out ppl!
- this site provides you many kinds of outfits of all ages...and they also have DESIGNER'S
and celebrities outfit, and FYI I dressed up my Sims with Rihanna's outfit :p
- if you just love to dress up toddler&kids just click this link

Got to go, dinner with my mom&dad, btw my dad just bought me a Vario, eventhough he knows that I can't ride bike :)

p.s.s : One week left until I'm turn 16!! YIPPIE !!

Kisses & Hugs,

1 comment:

Itulah saya said...

banyak sim keren yg bisa didonlot.
gratis, cuma perlu jdi anggota doang.