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Sunday, April 5, 2009

twisting words

Hey All !

I'm so tired atm, because today me&my parents did some family-time and we went to Mall of Indonesia--first impression : OHMY ITS SO BIG AND EMPTY AND SCARYING ME-- but then we found a BIG SALE ZONE--there were BIG SALE for many stuffs,clothes,shoes,bags,household appliances,accesoriess and many more. And FYI they also gave discount for sports products-- such as Nike's,Adidas's,Reebok's and many more. I heart a Nike shoes --i don't know the type but it was so cute, white with a green lime sequin-line, the real price was Rp.885.000 and after discount it just cost Rp 295.00!!! And Nike Air Max just Rp.395.00! But the size didn't fit into my big foot...huhhhh and then I want a pink Adidas Jackets but (once more) the size didn't fit into my big body.....AH. Finally I just bought 2 pieces of skirt ( white and blue--denim look-a-like but it more soft than denims),2 Faded Glory shirts and a white blouse...oh yaaaa last week I bought a pair of Triset shoes and an Eddie Bauer black long sleeves...and that trashy book(I wrote it in my Facebook's notes) haha.

I have a lot of stories to tell.

But my physics's homework can't wait. So I have to go now and working on my LOVELY-DOVEY physics,hoooo and UH I just remember that our sweet teacher will give us some tests about conductivity of heat...isn't it great??

P.S : I just wanna say that
" I f YOU MY X-4. " Lets hope for the best :)


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