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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


uh,I've told you before that I bought a trashy book at Bandung on last holiday, and now I just want to share what is in my mind.

I really hate that book,for sure.

On the last post I wrote a review about my favorite books, yes I know most of the author isn't from Indonesia, the story isn't about Indonesia, but that's not mean that I don't like Indonesian book. No,really no! I really appreciate Indonesian books, I love them! I have a lot of book that made by Indonesian author.

But not for this one.

Why?Because I think it's copycat, and It killed Indonesian Culture. More? They poisoning youths with BRANDED STUFFS and it's surprising me that most of the readers ( I know from a thread) love those books. HELLO,WHAT DO YOU THINK HUH?YOU THINK IT'S COOL, CALLING YOUR MOM ONLY WITH HER NAME?SHOPPING AT CHANEL?WEARING BURBERRY SHAWL TO COVERED YOUR UNIFORM TO GO TO SCHOOL?BULLSHIT.


I,really disappointed.

Not just about the copycat issue, but all things about that book, I hate.

Kenapa mesti tiruan sih?Kenapa ngga bikin tokoh,cerita,konflik yang bener-bener baru? Kenapa harus tiruan? Gue kecewa,beneran kecewa.

-Lebih baik lo bikin cerita yang norak dan ngga bagus tapi asli dari pikiran lo daripada bikin yang (sok) bagus tapi copycat-


p.s : I re-sell the book ( the 2nd edition) just IDR 25000, anyone interested?

p.s.s : I'm sorry for the author,the company that released those books,it just my thought. I'm sorry for being very subjective :)

ah ya,once more, I'm sorry if my English is bad,I'll keep learning more and more.


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